State of the Union Address

I'm reminded tonight of why I will not be sad when George W. Bush leaves the Whitehouse. He speaks a good game in some areas. For instance, he continually speaks of trusting Americans to be dynamic, innovative, and able to contorl our own lives. I agree with this, but my problem with Bush is that he continues to push for more government programs.

Bush wants to expand funding in several areas. He wants to give pell grants for high school students. He wants to expand No Child Left Behind, touting as a great success. Where is the freedom of the people in educating their children? George Bush and republican party are not calling for enough change. President Bush calls on congress to reduce earmarked bills by half. Why not get rid of them all together? He says the budget is on track to be balanced by 2012. Why not immediately cut out all the junk and balance it tomorrow. I cannot run my household by promising to be balanced in 4 years.

George Bush has several good things to say, but his Presidency has been filled with spending, spending, spending. And while he often speaks of solutions, he has yet to get anything done. We need someone to cripple congress with vetoes until things change. No more bipartisanship. Let's have reality. Let's have a revolution!

Ron Paul for President 2008!

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