An Encouragement or a warning...

I'm not sure if this post is going to encourage you to have more children,
 or give away some that you already have.

This is how it started off:

-and this is how it ended up.

Yes, this is a picture of how much our candy weighs (well-weighed). 

I think it should be our goal to surpass the 20 lb mark next year. We'll have Miles helping us then. :)


The Botanical Gardens

I'm trying to keep my blog alive so I'm going to blog once a week until the year is over. We went to the Botanical Gardens this morning and the kids had a great time! They are already asking to go back next week. It was about 48 degrees but we had the place to ourselves.

At first, Miles wasn't very happy to be out in public in his PJs. I tried to explain that that's one of the best things about being the 6th child - He didn't buy it. 

Sims had fun...

...until everyone ran off and left him. 

Jack jumped on rocks.

Henry rolled down a hill...

...and stopped a minute for a picture.

Claire climbed a few trees.

Kate found secret passageways. 

It turned out to be a perfect day!