Frustration leads to success...Hopefully

Peggy and her mom are going to make some money making burp cloths, bibs, and other items like that. They are setting up a website (with my help), and if they get it up and running, they'll be in full swing. This is a big "IF"!

Have you ever tried taking high quality photographs? It's easy when you are outside and are taking pictures of someone 10 - 15 feet away. When the object is extemely close and inside lighting is being used, the task is not so easy.

Today's frustration will hopefully lead to tomorrow's excitement as I try to tackle this task.

May God bless this work of my hands.


Our new Blog

Today is July 29, 2005, and we finally entered the blogging world. I can't help but wonder if this arena is still growing rapidly or if it is beginning to die. Either way, we'll see if it's as fun as others make it out to be.

Just so you know...this blog is about our family and my hope is to bring praise to our Lord Jesus Christ through the words written here.

Hope you enjoy our ramblings!