Kate's Bday Party

Kate's 3rd birthday isn't until December 22 but since we have a new baby due any day now, we had her birthday party last week. We were thankful that our families could come!
Here are some pictures from the big event!

This is Kate and her cousin Will (4). I'm sure he'll love this picture in a few years!

Yes, I was 38 weeks pregnant in this picture...not just full of cake (although I probably was)

Here's Kate slowly opening a fun present


A Picture is Worth a thousand words...

and of course I didn't have my camera.
We ate Thanksgiving lunch at my parents house yesterday and I think Claire (19 months) ate more than anyone. We were eating dessert (a chocolate roulage) and I looked over at Claire and her head was resting over on her own shoulder and she was slowly bringing hand fulls of roulage into her mouth. She was exhausted and stuffed but still had room for dessert....that's my girl.


Vengeance is Mine...

...says Peggy????

Our "regular readers" will remember our little fiasco from a few weeks ago where I accidently kicked Peggy in the face during the night. Today I'd like to report that Peggy retaliated a few nights ago by punching me in the face while I slept. She claims it also was an accident, but I must wonder if this is getting out of hand!

Marriage counseling anyone?

Yes, I have reminded Peggy that scripture says "Vengeance is mine says the Lord. (Romans 12:19)


She was supposed to be Cinderella....

But I think she looked more like Sleeping Beauty

Here's Kate resting up for the big night too!