Baby Seven

Well, I'm bringing the blog back to announce that we are expecting baby seven in October! I think most everyone who reads this blog already knows this, however, since this is mainly a scrapbook for our children, it seemed fitting to write this post. We are thrilled and so thankful for our new little baby. All of the children are so excited and ask daily when we will find out if this baby is a boy or a girl. :) Hopefully, we will find out ON MONDAY! :) I'm having an early ultrasound done and if the baby cooperates, we will know then!

I've mentioned before that the baby's heart rate at 14 weeks has correctly determined the gender of every one of our children. The girls' heart rates were both in the 170s and the boys' were all in the 150s. Well, I had my 14 week appointment today and the heart rate was 138! I'm going to assume that means BOY.
Another interesting predictor for us has been the year in which the baby is born. The girls were both born in even years and the boys were born in odd years. This is an even year so that suggests a GIRL. So, we're back to square one with the predictions. Maybe we will know on Monday. I'll come back with the results then.

Here's a picture of seven at 10 weeks:

Photo: Baby Seven :)