Attributes of God - Jealousy

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Homeschooling - Week 4

Today we completed our 4th week of homeschooling. It has been a good month. I am not patient enough (you can ask my mother), I am not disciplined enough, and I'm not even creative enough to homeschool my children. However, the Lord has provided, equipped and sustained. Yes, I'm selfish and wonder if I'll ever have a minute to myself in the next 18+ years. I know though that the Lord will provide for all my needs, even if I don't know really what those needs are at this moment.
The end goal for our children is this: 1 Peter 3:15, "but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect." May the Lord work and move in our children's hearts and lives. May Rick and I show them the gospel. May we grow in love for our Savior and for each other.


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I John 1:5-10

  1. Reasons for the letter?
    • I John 1:4 - So our/your joy may be complete
    • I John 5:13 - So you may know you have eternal life
  2. v5 this is the content of the promise (message)
    • God is light and in Him is no darkness
    • NOT Light is aGod - Do not worship the rising sun
    • Light as shown in all of scripture
      • 1st manifestation of God in creation
      • The burning lamp passed between the pieces of animals in God’s covenant with Abraham. 
      • Before Israel in a pillar of fire
      • Descended in fire upon Sinai
Part 1
  1. What does it mean to say God is light? 
    • Reflection of light is what produces color
    • Mt 5:16 Let your light so shine...
      • Black objects reflect no light; White objects reflect all light
      • We reflect Him - How God makes Himself known in creation
    • Consider Rainbow - symbol of promise & beauty
      • Reflects all colors of visible spectrum
      • It is a reflection of God (Promise & beauty)
  2. What does it mean to walk in Darkness?
    • v6 No fellowship with God (*walk = course of life)
      • Fellowship - Close mutual association w/ idea of sharing generosity
    • James 1:17 Every good gift from God
      • Like Black t-shirt absorbs all light...
      • Likewise walking in darkness reflects non of its glory (presume on gift of salvation & patience)
      • Taking all God's good gifts for self
  3. What does it mean to walk in Light?
    • v7 Fellowship with one another
      • Reflecting God's gifts produces fruit of fellowship, communion, sharing, love
      • Regardless of other person's sins; Acceptance upon repentance
      • God's light = Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control
        • Who wouldn't want to be friends with such a person
  4. What is the result of walking in the light?
    • I John 2:1 that you may not sin (Sanctification)
    • Sin = not perfectly reflecting God to the world
    • John 15:2 more light reflect; more light given
Part 2
  1. What does it mean to say God is light?
    • Illumination (revealer)
      • Obvious trait of light to even the non-scientific mind
    • wakeup at night, run into things in bedroom
      • Know all objects, but w/o sight (& w/ fatigue), still may run into them (I walked into the closet)
      • During day with lights on, and in right mind, navigate room w/ ease
    • God's presence enables us to reason properly (with scripture)
    • God's presence enables us to see properly (especially OUR sin)
  2. What does it mean to walk in Darkness?
    • No Confession
      • v8,10 If we say we have no sin, not sinned
    • v8 Deceive selves
      • If you think you are doing great and do not need to change, you're life is not illuminated by God's truth
    • V10 make God a liar
      • Never sinned and still continue sinless
        • This is someone who says there is no God to sin against
        • This is someone who considers their sin of little importance
        • This is someone who considers themselves "pretty good"
    • Truth is not in us because the LIGHT illuminates sin
  3. What does it mean to walk in Light?
    • v9 Confession
      • Eyes are opened to see truth about self
      • Holy Spirit reveals sin & encourages confession
    1. What is the result of walking in the light?
      1. v7,9 Cleansing
      2. 2:1 Advocate (Helper) - John 14:16 "Another" Helper sent by Jesus

    1. Fellowship
      • We tend to join groups and keep our eyes open for reasons to leave them.  
      • We are taught to seek affiliations most beneficial to self.  
        • Staying at a job for 30-40 years is unheard of these days.  
        • People often bounce between churches regularly.
      • Walking in the light means communion with God and His people (the Church)
      • This grows as we reflect the good gifts from above (Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & self-control)
    2. Confession
      • Illumination - Ability to see the kingdom (John 3:3) & to see wonderful things in God's law (Psalm 119:18)
      • When we see the wondrous, we also recognize the filth
      • Walking in the light means continually confessing sin to the Lord
        • Active (looking to root it out), not passive
      • This grows as we move closer to the light (2 Cor 6:14 what fellowship light w/ darkness)
      • We immediately point out our children's sin
        • Out heavenly father is immediately pointing out our sin through His spirit whether we see it or not
        • It is easier to see other people's sins (our children) (Matthew 7:5)
      • Psalm 32:1-5 Read this
    3. Forgiveness
      • God's good gifts includes salvation
        • Jeremiah 33:16 The Lord is our Righteousness
        • 1 John 5:13 So you may have eternal life
        • I John 1:4 So your joy may be complete
        • The "Message" is that forgiveness is found in the light of God
          • He has made some objects to reflect His light & others to not reflect it (objects of glory and objects of wrath)
          • John 3:19-20 
            • Light came into the world and the People loved darkness rather than light
            • We resist Spiritual light and embrace Spiritual darkness - We are not neutral
        • Examine your life in light of this message
          • Where is your fellowship?


      Attributes of God - Patience

      Attributes of God - Patience

      Patience Explained: Mercy looks to creature as miserable & patience as criminal (A.W. Pink)
      Q. How does God's patience relate to His Goodness, which we discussed last week?

      Mercy, patience, & goodness are closely related.  God is good; thus, He is merciful in         pardoning the sinner & relieving misery & patient in bearing with His evil enemies.
      Patience Proclaimed: Psalm 103:8 (c.f. Ex 34:6) - He is slow to anger 
      Q. How do we know God is patient?

      Scripture tells us God is patient by showing us He is slow to anger.  It is also evidence of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us (Gal 5:22).

      Patience Manifested: Romans 9:22 by his bearing with vessels of destruction (c.f. Rom 3:25)
      Q. How is God's patience ultimately made known to us?

      God did not destroy Adam and Eve immediately upon bringing sin into this world, and He has appointed a day when sin will be finally punished.  This bearing with His enemies is not slowness, but is a purposeful manifestation of His patience (Is 52:5 so His name might be known).  He is awaiting the full church (c.f. Rom 11:25).

      Patience Manifests: Nehemiah 9:17 It displays His self-control
      Q. What do we learn about God if we meditate on His patience?

      God had reason to destroy Israel, yet He did not.  He displayed His self-control.  Wrath is an attribute of God, and His patience manifests His self-control of that wrath.  His is not an uncontrollable vengeance, but a purposeful one that will come down on His enemies in all its fury at the great Day of the Lord.

      Patience Abused: Eccl. 8:11 Wicked men live in darkness; misunderstand His patience
      Q. What does it look like when someone acts arrogantly toward God's patience?

      Q. Can a believer take God's patience for granted?

      Those living in darkness interpret God's patience to mean He doesn't exist or that He does not punish sin.  This is a grave error.  It is only by God's forbearance or patience (c.f. Rom 3:25) that He passed over sins of His people prior to the death of Christ.  Those living by the light of Christ will see this and repent.  It must be noted, though, that believers can also presume on God's patience toward them.  They must be on guard against this as the Spirit seeks to draw God's people to repentance (c.f. John 16:7-11), but He can be quenched (c.f. 1 Thessalonians 5:19).

      Patience Communicated: Col 3:12 We are called to put on patience
      Q. Is patience a communicable or incommunicable attribute of God?

      Theologians speak of communicable and incommunicable attributes.  Communicable attributes are part of the image we bear as opposed to His incommunicable attributes (ex. Self existence, immutability), which we do not share in.  Patience is communicable in that it can be communicated to us.  In other words, we can be patient, but we cannot be self existent.  

      God not only allows us to be patient, but expects us to be patient.  We are called to put on patience.  It is something external to us that is given to us when we are transformed into a new creation.

      Patience Exemplified: 

        1. I Peter 3:20 God's patience waited on Ark to be built (c.f. Gen 6:5)
        2. Acts 14:16,17 God let nations walk in own ways in times page (c.f. Rom 1:19-26)
        3. Romans 3:25 God did not punish sin prior to Christ

      Patience is...
      Q. How would you define patience?

      Numerous times I have heard something to this affect, "I prayed for patience, and the Lord began teaching me by putting me behind this car driving so slow when I was late to work."  We think of patience as bearing with anything that annoys us or hinders our plans or desires.

      Words often change meaning over time or take on greater or less severity with different generations.  It is interesting to compare the entry for patience at www.dictionary.com against the entry in the 1828 edition of Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language.  

      Dictionary.com Entry
      1. The quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.
      2. An ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay: to have patience with a slow learner.
      3. Quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence:to work with patience.
      1828 Webster's Entry:
      1. The suffering of afflictions, pain, toil, calamity, provocation or other evil, with a calm, unruffled temper; endurance without murmuring or fretfulness. 
      2.  A calm temper which bears evils without murmuring or discontent.
      3. The act or quality of waiting long for justice or expected good without discontent.

      This puts the patience of God in a different light.  he is not simply annoyed by humans. He is not simply confronted with delay either.  God suffers affliction as His beloved creation turns against Him as His enemy and creates toil and calamity of His creation.  He bears with this evil without murmuring, discontent or losing His temper.  He awaits justice at the Day of the Lord.

      1. Ezekiel 33:11 God wishes no one to perish (not even wicked)



      Kate and Claire made this "mess." I asked them what they were playing and they said, "We're playing SEMINARY!"

      You might understand the above picture once you see how Rick "plays" seminary:



      Baby Hutch

      We had our ultrasound a few weeks ago for Baby Hutch. Everything looked great and we are thankful for that. We didn't find out what we are having. Since we found out with K, C and H, we thought we'd let this one be a surprise. Some days I like that, some days it drives me crazy.
      We do not have name picked out which IS driving me crazy but hey...I guess we'll have to at some point. I'm about sure we have a girl name but we're pretty stumped on a boy name. If you have any you'd like to recommend, I'm all ears.


      Attributes of God - Power

      Attributes of God - Power

      Why study about God's Power?

      1. God wants His power to be known
        • 2 Cor 4:7 God's power surpasses all other power
          • Surpassing - "Far beyond" in 2 Cor 4:17
        • Judges 7:2 Gideon's army reduced to show God's power
      2. It resurrects us (our benefit)
        • I Cor 6:14 God will raise us by His power
      3. Keeps us from Idolatry
        • Deut 8:17-20 Not by your power but MINE (remember)
      4. Danger of punishment
        • Isaiah 10:12,13 Arrogant king punished (v 13 "by my strength")
        • Remember Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall"

      Power Defined - Two Key words in NT

      1. Dunamis 
        • Inherent power or ability to accomplish a thing
        • Ex. Matthew 28:28 All power & authority in heaven and earth is given to me
        • God has inherent ability to do anything He pleases
      2. Exousia
        • Authority (sometimes translated "power")
        • Matthew 21:23  - by what authority are you doing these things?
        • Our power/authority is derived from what God give to us.

      Closer look at God's Power

      1. Nothing is impossible
        • Job 42:2 "“I know that you can do all things,and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.
        • Genesis 18:12-15 "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"
        • Jeremiah 32:17 Nothing is too hard for you (evidenced in creation)
        • Luke 1:37 literally each individual utterance of God can be done
        • Matthew 19:26 With God all things are possible (form of dunamis)
      2. Job 38  (cf Job 9:5-11) Over Nature
        • 4 laid foundations of earth
        • 8 shut seas in boundaries
        • 12 commands each day to begin
        • 35 controls lightening
        • 39-41 feeds lions and ravens
      3. Matthew 14:25 Christ walked on Water
        • Notice the boat was "taking a beating" because of the waves
        • Consider His Awesome Power over physics
      4. Contrast Psalm 115:4-8 Idols are mute, deaf, and dumb
      5. Restrains Evil
        • Genesis 20:6 - God restrains us from being as fully evil as we could
        • Romans 1:24 - God gave them up...Means he was restraining or does restrain
        • Psalm 81:12 - God gave Israel over to their stubborn hearts
      6. Hebrews 1:3 & Col 1:3 All things are sustained or held together by Him
      7. Psalm 66:9 keeps us alive
      8. Ephesians 3:20 Ability (dunamis) to do more than we ask or imagine

      Applying the Theology  
      (Romans 1:16-17)

      • v. 16 Power (dunamis) of God for salvation (deliverance, preservation, safety)
        • But, God is all-powerful inherently
        • Why does He need the Gospel?
      • v 17 "For" (causative) in it the righteousness of God is revealed
        • God's justice does not allow Him to ignore or overlook sin
        • cf. Romans 3:25,26 God is just in reconciling with sinners because of Gospel
      • Christ's atonement for sin enables God to reconcile with His people
        • Without denying His wrath, justice, etc.
      • God's power (ability) is limited only by His nature

      How does this affect us?

      1. Strengthens our faith
        • Wisdom is the ability to judge correctly and to follow the best course of action
        • Power is ability to carry the actions of these judgments
      2. Strengthens our understanding of "Whom shall we fear?"
        • Psalm 27:1, 23:4, Heb 13:6, Matthew 10:28
      3. Helps our prayer life
        • Lord's Prayer - Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever
      4. We begin to see that the "mighty works" are from God's hand
        • Psalm 111:6 - Israel received the promise land by the power of God
      5. It shows us God's kingdom in which we live
        • I Cor 4:19-20 Kingdom consists of power not talk
      6. Shows us how we produce good works
        • Eph 2:10 - God created good works for us to walk in (power of God enables this)
        • Without understanding God's power, we become defeated and fail to walk rightly, but as we grasp the power of God, we learn to lean on Him and the power living within in us
        • Eph 3:20 "power (dunamis) at work within us"
      7. We understand our role
        • Psalm 8:5-8 We are "given" dominion
        • Matthew 28:18-20 Christ was "given" authority and passes it to us
      8. Enhances our worship
        • Review lyrics of "O Worship the King"


      1. God is the source of power (omnipotent)
      2. His ability only limited by His nature (cannot overlook sin forever due to His justice)
      3. Do not fear
        • Easier said than done
        • We definitely have a reason to "not fear"
      4. God has power (dunamis, inherent ability) to control all things
        • More than we ask or imagine
        • Seek Him, Phil 4 "do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
      5. Worship Him for His almighty power
        • Look for evidence of His power in your life
        • Rejoice when you see it in everyday activities
      6. Finally, do not fret
        • When God's power isn't seen, it is not missing due to lack of faith, prayer, or anything on our part.
        • We can definitely miss it or not see it, but...
        • God's wisdom and power cannot be thwarted by us 
        • Satan and man already tried this (see Eph 3:10-11)