Best Friends

When we bought Kate a "big girl bed" last fall, we got a full size knowing the girls would eventually share it. Here is a picture of their first night together. Well, they only made it until around midnight and then Claire woke up screaming so we put her back in her bed.
Notice they don't have pillowcases on their pillows. For some reason, they love to take them off.


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Rick graduated this past Friday night. You may remember he finished his classes for this degree in December but they only have 1 graduation a year. He got his Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies and is continuing his work to earn his Masters of Divinity. Here are some pics:



I passed "Bedtime Stalling 101".

The scene: The girls' bedroom. Kate has been tucked in and I've left the room. I hear my name, "MOMMY, MOMMY!" I return to the room.

Kate: Mommy, I need some water
Me: No you don't baby. You just had some before you got in bed.
Kate: Well I need some cough medicine.
Me: No you don't. You aren't coughing anymore.
Kate: I need to blow my nose.
Me: No you don't. Your nose isn't running.
Kate: (laying back down) Well, I give up!