It worked!!

The version was successful and Charlotte is now in the correct position. I checked into Labor and Delivery  at 6 and was discharged around 8:30. It was painful but quick. Now I feel like we are in countdown mode. Lord willing, we will be meeting Charlotte face to face in just a couple of weeks!!


Breech baby, breech baby

I am nearly 37 weeks now and baby Charlotte is still breech. She has been for as long as I can tell. I feel kicks in totally different places than I normally do and I'm not experiencing some of the late term pains that the others have given me. I think she just likes being up close to my heart. :) I will be admitted to Labor and Delivery early Wednesday morning and my doctors will attempt to manually turn her. Claire was also breech and I had the same procedure preformed with her. Since Charlotte and Claire have the same initials, I'm just assuming she's trying to be like her big sister.

Honestly, the procedure hurts - a lot. Two men stand on either side of you and basically pick the baby up and push to get her in the right position. It hurts - a lot - did I mention that? However, it is fairly quick and they can immediately tell if it is going to work. Either way, we will both be monitored during and after for signs of stress. If need be, an emergency Csection will be done but my doctor has never had to do that. If successful, we will then wait a few more weeks until she is ready to be born. If unsuccessful, we will schedule a Csection for 39 weeks. 

It might be a quick update but I will post again on Wednesday as to whether or not she turned for us.