Luke Everett Hutchinson

Our dear son Luke Everett was born on October 21, 2014 at 12:52 pm. He weighed 9 lbs and 8 oz and was 21.5 inches long. He has dark brown/black hair like Claire and Sims. His eyes are blue for now but I'm sure they will change. He is the sweetest little baby and we cannot imagine our lives without him now. He is so new but it's like he has always been with us.

The delivery was the hardest one I've had and he broke his collar bone but we are both on the mend now and feeling better every day.  But I would take the pain again and again to have Luke with us.

Luke means light in Greek and Everett means brave. Our prayer for Luke is that he will point people to the light of Christ and that the Lord will strengthen him to be brave in doing what the Lord has called him to do.

Thanks be to the Lord for His many, many blessings. 

Thanks to our wonderful parents who have helped us tremendously with our other children during the past 9 days. We are all back together again and I hope to get a picture of everyone soon. And also, "Luke" was a character on LOST. :) He was an "Other" in 5 episodes of season 3. The LOST name streak lives on.