A Detective's Mind

About 2 years ago, we had to contact the DMV to get another car tag renewal sticker because the one we originally paid for and received suddenly disappeared. Our suspicion as to what happened has somewhat been confirmed this past week by Claire.

Some of you are saying, "but Claire wasn't alive 2 years ago, so what does she have to do with the missing car tag." Well, it all boils down to a pair of shoes and a remote control....

Putting on my Detective Hat
Recently, the DVD remote control was nowhere to be found (sound familiar?). Peggy assured me she had nothing to do with this mysterious disappearance (apparently, when things go missing, I usually ask her, "did you throw it away."), and as the truth came forth, she was not lying (not that I suspected any untruth from my wife).

Anyway, the remote was found by some unwhitting detective work. After digging through the kitchen trash, I was in the bathroom and decided to snoop in the bathroom trash, "just in case." Of course, I found the remote at the bottom quietly tucked beneath a pair of Kate's bloomers.

My proximty to the toilet at that time reminded me of an incident from two months prior that occurred while brushing Kate's teeth. I heard some rumbling behind me and then, "Plunk." Kate's shoes were in the toilet, and who else would be the culprit (NO! not Peggy), but CLAIRE.

So, it seems Claire is going through her "Just Trash It" phase and she just so happens to be near the age that Kate was when our car tag sticker was assumedly "trashed!". So, Kate now bears the blame for the missing car tag.

Reader Response?

I imagine we aren't the only people with this humorous problem. What is the funniest thing your child (or a child you know) has trashed on their own volition? Leave us some stories in the comments!


Claire - 15 months old - 7-19-07


You are now over 15 months old and you are the cutest sweetest baby girl I know! Over the past month, you have begun to interact playfully with us in a way drastically different from the previous months, and it has been a great joy to me. You have an awesome smile and every time I see it I cannot help but smile back and think how beautiful you are.

I am amazed at how well you understand what we say. If we give a command, you follow it no matter how difficult to understand the command may have been. We’ve had people tell us that they are amazed at how much you understand. I cannot wait for the day you will begin having conversations with us because I can tell a lot of thinking is going on inside right now.

When I look at you, I see myself. Your dark hair and everything else about you, reminds me of what I think I would’ve been like at your age. It’s really funny to watch you play with Kate, especially when you take something of hers and run off. It has been a great pleasure to have two baby girls in the family.

We found out recently that our new baby will be your brother, and as excited as we are to have a son coming into the family, I would never ask God to have done anything different than what he has already done in giving us children. You (along with Kate) have been a joy more than I can explain. To watch you grow, transform, and learn is a special treat that parents receive, and I look forward to the coming years. I continually ask God to strengthen you physically and spiritually specifically asking Him to not only bring you into the kingdom, but to also make you a servant above all others. My hope is that God will be gracious unto you in such a way that you surpass the faith of both your mother and I.

I love you and am praying for you. May the Lord be with you!


Conversations with Kate 7/17/07

(Kate crying at 4:30 this morning...I go into her room)
Me: I know baby...it's dark because it's nighttime and the sun's not up.
Me: No baby, not until the sun comes up
Kate: Well, when daddy turns the light on the sun will come up
Me: OK baby, go back to sleep

Kate: Mommy...I'm going to get a bible
Me: Ok Kate, why?
Kate: Because I need to pray
(So I hand her a bible, she climbs onto the sofa and begins flipping through the pages...after a few minutes....)
Kate: Mommy...this one is not good
Me: Why not?
Kate: Because it doesn't have songs in it...I need one with songs in it
(So I go find our hymnal and hand it to her and she sits on the sofa singing through it for at least 10 mins)


It's a BOY!

We had our ultrasound today and found out we are going to have a baby BOY! He looked healthy and all of the measurements were great so we are very thankful.
I guess I need to go buy some trucks or dirt or something.
Kate keeps saying she has her baby brother in her tummy...that's interesting. And she wants to name him "Kate."


Big Girl Panties

The Setting

Kate sat down at church and Peggy fixed her dress....

The Conversation

Peggy: You need to keep your dress down so people don't see your big girl panties

Kate: Ok Mommy, but one day I will show them my big girl panties