Number 4??

I was in the car today with the children on the way to VBS. Kate was commenting on the fact that the car next to us had 4 children in it. Here's what happened next:

Me: Good Kate. How many children do I have?
Kate: (pointing to Henry, Claire and then herself) 1,2,3...3!!!
Me: Right!
Kate: NO WAIT! You have Daddy so that's 4!!!


Deep and Wide


Here are some sewing projects I finished this week. (2 for Henry and 1 for Claire)
Believe it or not, the next project I start will probably be their Christmas outfits! I'll start in August/September but smocking is a TON more involved so it'll take me awhile with 3 little ones around!


Bedtime Stalling 201

It's been quiet at bedtime since my last post...that is until 2 nights ago. I guess since I passed bedtime stalling 101 Kate thought I was ready for 201. These were a little more creative.

Kate: Mommy, the glow worm is broken.
Me: Go to bed, I'll fix it tomorrow
Kate: Mommy, there's an ant in my bed.
Me: No there's not, go to bed
Kate: Mommy, I think I need to throw up
Me: No you don't, go to bed
Kate: (heavy sigh, closed bedroom door)



Kate's Ballet recital was this past Saturday. Here are a couple of pics and a video:
Here's a video. She's the second one on the left.

Memorial Day

Kate was in a Memorial Day celebration with my grandfather.
Here are some pics: