Selfishness is a sin

We can pinpoint selfishness in other people very quickly, but can we as easily see it in ourselves. Chances are that the answer is no unless the Spirit so guides us because we are blinded by our own sin.

We do not want to see it and refuse to see it. Thank God for marriage, His spirit, children, and all familial relationships that cause us to see the result of our own selfish desires as they hurt other people. And I thank God that he has been gracious enough in my life to point out my selfishness before it was detrimental to my relationships.

Today, I examine the motives of my desires to determine if my life plans and goals are me focused or God focused as I often claim. Do I love my wife as Christ loved the church, and do my actions manifest this love or suppress it?

O God, create in me a clean, pure heart that I might lead my family in worship of you.


Refreshing Day of Rest

The Lord's day is nice. It is yet another good thing that God has given to us, and it is much appreciated. Although the sleeping is a little more interrupted with a little one around, it is still nice to have a day with no major responsibilities other than worshipping our God.

And worshipping our God we did as a family (soft of). Kate is having issues with the nursery. Or it seems to be more related to the fact that she loves her mommy so much that she doesn't want to leave her. I'm sure we are the first parents ever to experience this with a child (:).

Anyway, as we have our public worship time somewhat interrupted by the needs of our child, we are reminded of the importance of private daily worship that comes from deep gratitude for Christ and His work on the cross. And we experience the joy of our child recognizing and admitting her total dependance on us.

What a great day of worship and rest in our Father!


I think I may have finally mastered the art of picture taking. But of course the term "mastered" is used loosely. It looks like the pictures for the website are acceptable, and I've also found a way to remove the background and still have the pictures look somewhat decent.

I used the free program called GIMP (www.gimp.org) to do this. I've now passed the website creation onto Peggy and her mom because I have other things that need to be completed (preparing for Sunday school is at the top of that list).

This Sunday is on Ephesians 5:22-33. I'm amazed at the number of professed believers in Christ that continually neglect the concept of submission and giving oneself up for another. I know our sin ravaged old man pushes us away from these Biblical characteristics, but the Holy Spirit moves within us to create a love for these things. We must not ignore the Spirit.

Wives must submit, and Husbands must love their wives as Christ loves the church creating a relationship in which it is easy and joyful to submit and love. Our actions cannot and must not depend on the actions of our spouses, if they do, most of us are doomed to fall into the pit of destruction and divorce caused by sin.