Jack is 4!

I can't believe our Jack is 4 today!! He brings much joy and laughter into our home. He seems to always be smiling which is so sweet - I love his little dimple. He is a great brother and still adores baby Miles. He loves to dress up like Spiderman and I'm pretty sure he has worn his costume half of the days in the last 3 months. The only birthday present request he had was his own box of cereal - Coco Puffs- and don't worry, he got it! :) He told me today that he was a big boy now like Henry but that Sims and Miles were still little boys. He said he could help me now when I need a strong man. :)

 His name means "God is gracious" and we pray he will always love and be thankful for the Lord's grace and mercy in his life. We pray he will always know how much we love him and are thankful for him. We pray he will know and remember that God is faithful and good; that He keeps His promises and that His promises are everlasting. We pray that He will have a family that He can point to Christ and that we will have the privilege to see that. We pray the Lord will equip Him, comfort Him, encourage Him, and instruct Him throughout His life. We pray his heart will be transformed and His mind renewed by God's word. Even at a young age, Jack profess faith in Christ and we pray we will see the fruit of his confession. We pray for his purity and that he will have godly desires. We pray he will have a long life and that we will have an eternity together in Heaven.


Henry is 6!!!

Today is Henry's 6th birthday!! He is our 3rd child and our first son. He is a joy and a treasure and I am grateful for the six years that we have had with him. He has a kind heart and regularly prays that everyone who doesn't know the Lord will know Him and worship Him. He prays for his younger brothers and always thanks the Lord for everyone in our family by name. He is quick to give up being the first to do or get something so that a brother or sister can go before Him. He has been a joy to teach this year because he is always ready to learn-he remembers anything once he hears it. He and Claire are still the best of friends and he is a good big brother to his little following. Our prayer for Henry is that He will continue to exercise the faith the Lord has given him. That the Lord will strengthen and grip him and prepare him for the work he has/will be called to. We pray the Lord will bless him with a family that he can lead and point to Christ. That he will not just be a "good" boy but that He will abide in the Lord and that his heart will always be turned towards Christ. We pray the Lord will strengthen him in purity in this world in which we live. We pray he will love God's law, meditate on it, and he transformed by it. We are thankful, grateful, and abundantly blessed to be his parents.