Thoughts on Daycare

Let me begin by saying that we drive past a daycare every time we leave our neighborhood. Apparently, they have a really fun looking playground.

We were in the car today and I was a part of the following conversation:

Henry - MOMMY!! Claire says she wants to go to daycare!!
Me - You do Claire? Why?
Claire - I just really want to play on that playground! I just really like playgrounds!!
Kate - Well, I can't hardly blame her. AND, they probably get a lot of snacks. Although, it's probably just like one carrot stick or something.


Claire's Violin Recital

Today was Claire's first violin recital. She began taking lessons in September and we absolutely LOVE her teacher. She is wonderful. Claire is only taking 15 minute lessons this year because she is only 5 (will be 6 next month) and we wanted to see if she would like it.

The recital was scheduled for last Saturday but 6 out of the 7 of us had the stomach bug. Yes, it was a mess, literally. Jack was the only one spared. Miss Chi (Claire's teacher) arranged for her to play in another recital today.

Below are some pictures and a short video. And by the way, isn't she adorable!! :)

About to go in...super nervous
Trying to get a picture of the boys...
Claire and Miss Chi