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Attributes of God - Wisdom

I just completed my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow, and I found a feature in Google Docs I had not noticed before that let me publish the lesson to our blog. That is quite handy. I prepare many of my lessons in Google Docs, so I'll start sharing them on the blog.

If they aren't interesting....just don't read them :).

Attribute of God - Wisdom
What is Wisdom
  • The power to see and the inclination to choose the highest end with the best means of attaining it
  • The ability to judge correctly and to follow the best course of action, based on knowledge and understanding.
  • Original languages suggest experienced and competent mastery of life and its problems
  • Webster's 1878 dictionary - The right use or exercise of knowledge
  • James 3
    • Multiple sources of wisdom (from above and from the earth)
    • v13/14 wisdom manifests in works
    • v16 earthly - Jealousy, selfish-ambition
    • v17 from above - pure, peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy, impartial, sincere (harvest of righteousness)
  • Proverbs 15:2, 7
    • Scripture Contrasts Wisdom with Folly
    • Folly = acting rashly or stupidly
    • Folly finds expression in behavior
    • therefore, Wisdom is not simply theoretical, but shows forth in behavior
  • Wisdom from God must be contrasted with Cultural Wisdom
    • More general knowledge aimed at finding a secret that will give control as well as knowledge of the world.
    • The Old Testament does not give place for this kind of wisdom
  • Socrates
    • "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."
    • Sounds "wise", but it is not true
    • Should say "The only true wisdom is in God and leaning on His truth"

From Whence does wisdom come?
  • Prov 2:6 Wisdom come from God
    • God Gave Solomon Wisdom
  • Psalm 111:10 begins with fear of Lord (notice focus on God) (Prov 9:10 also)
  • Prov 11:2 - associated with humility
  • Other Sources (not God's wisdom)
    • Acts 7:22 "wisdom of Egyptians"
    • I Cor 3:19 "wisdom of this world"

Who gains or possesses wisdom
  • James 1:5 Those who ask for it
  • Prov 2:1-6 - Those who seek it
    • v3 Call out for insight
    • v4 Seek it like silver; hidden treasure
    • v5 Fear of the Lord again
  • Knowing God by J.I. Packer
    • Some suppose they can know the purposes behind all events in their lives if they are only studied and spiritual enough.
    • We will drive ourselves crazy trying to determine the reason for every event. This is hidden with God.
    • God does give us unusual events at times to confirm our guidance by application of principles, but He doesn't reveal the purpose behind every single unusual event in our lives.
  • Note: Seek wisdom in scripture; not in "signs from God"

A comparison of God's wisdom to man's wisdom (in sin)
  • I Corinthians 1:18-31
    • V18/19 Cross of Christ is only wise to God
    • V21 Folly of Man's wisdom is plan of God's wisdom
      • Romans 1:18-24 - Cannot find God w/ our own reasoning
        • Suppress truth in unrighteousness
    • v23 Jews & Gentiles both agree cross is foolish (these 2 don't normally agree)
    • v26-29 For His Glory the cross maximized God's glory in His wisdom
      • Lowly of the earth are saved and the wise are shamed
    • v31 Boast in the Lord; not in self
      • Flesh is foolish; we are foolish if not transformed by renewal of minds (rom 12)
  • I Cor 13: 12 We see as in dim mirror (riddles, enigmatic, obscure)
    • Baffles the understanding & cannot be explained
    • We must first recognize that many things of this life are hidden with God
    • Our eyes are hazy because of the remaining affect of sin
  • God's Wisdom is essential to Him
    • Man's wisdom can be thwarted by our circumstances

Paul's outlines Wisdom for us
  • I Corinthians 2
    • v5 Do not rest/trust in self or any man
      • Our faith rests in God's power rather than man's wisdom
    • v6 Sanctification related to wisdom
      • Maturity breeds wisdom from God or vice versa maybe? (feed each other)
      • Today - Young shun old & many old not wise
    • v7 Church is glorious mystery (Eph 3)
      • Secret wisdom is now proclaimed widely
      • As opposed to the Gnostics whose "wisdom" remains hidden to outsiders
    • v10 Wisdom comes from the Spirit (as does sanctification)
    • v14 But why God?
      • Total depravity is wisdom of God
      • We often ask "WHY?" when loved ones reject offer of salvation
      • Not for us to understand
      • Definitely difficult, sad, frustrating
    • v16 Who can understand the mind of the Lord? - Christ!
      • We have wisdom in Christ
      • In His life, recorded in Scripture

What is the purpose of God's wisdom?
  • Knowing God page 81
    • End goal of God's wisdom is His Glory
  • God's Design
    • God intends that every choice we make, every thought we think, and every action we take would bring honor and glory to Him.
    • He doesn't say that will happen, He doesn't say we will feel like it, but He also doesn't excuse us when our wisdom does not honor Him.
    • When we take the sum of our knowledge and make a decision that stands against God or is not honoring to Him, we are not manifesting His wisdom in us.
    • For this reason, Christ died.
      • This world, this society, this sin filled flesh will push us toward the wisdom (or folly) of this world, and we must use the wisdom of God to overcome what may seem right in our own minds
      • AND we must rest in Christ when we fall short and feel like cursing God
      • AND when God restores the joy of HIS salvation; we give thanks!
  • Our feelings & experience
    • Man's wisdom can be thwarted by circumstances
    • God's end goal does not change
    • Life on this earth is not easy. Nor is it presented as easy in scripture.
    • The image of God's perfect wisdom in us was shattered at the fall
    • When we recognize God is perfectly wise, and we experience our own lack of wisdom as we walk through this earth, we are reminded of God's goodness and grace in sending Christ to the cross.

  • God knows exactly what He is doing in the handling of our affairs
  • He knows His purpose in everything, which is to bring Glory to His name
  • He is perfectly wise & all-powerful
  • Wisdom is an attribute of His that we can participate in (communicable)
  • Man's wisdom can be frustrated by circumstantial factors outside man's control
    • If we act in an unwise manner, we do not cease to be who we are nor do we cease to be human.
  • God's wisdom is part of His essence
    • If God were to act in an unwise manner, He would cease to be God.

Extra Questions if time permits
  • Leonardo da Vinci said "Wisdom is the daughter of experience." What are your thoughts on this?
    • Wisdom is not found in experience alone.
    • It is found when experiences are understood in light of God's truth
    • Experience is not necessary for wisdom, but we often gain it that way
      • Remember, Wisdom is the right use of knowledge and God gives it to the seeker
  • In America, we consider it a blessing to not have one ruler over us. Why is that?
    • The answer seems plain in that God is the only being with perfect wisdom
    • But it doesn't stop there. God also has omnipotent power to ensure His wisdom is carried out properly. Earthly rulers have neither.