Conversations with Kate

Kate: Mommy, can we go out to lunch today?
Me: No baby, not today.
Kate: Why?
Me: Because we don't have money to go out to lunch everyday.
Kate: Did the pastor take all of our money?
Me: What?
Kate: Did the pastor take all of our money when we gave it to the church last week?

This conversation was followed by yet another tithing discussion. Kate is fascinated by the whole thing but apparently doesn't quite get it yet!


Bathtime Buddies

I like things that simplify life....thus...Henry joins the gang in the tub!

KCH's first bath together...Everyone had a grand time!

Nice and clean


Fun at the Zoo

My sister Sarah and I took KCH to the zoo today. We had the best time!
Henry loved it!

Here's Kate saying Hello to the goats!

I had to take a picture of the flamingos. I think they were Claire's favorite animal. When she saw them, she said, "HELLO CHICKENS"!

In case you are wondering, Kate's glasses were the wrong prescription (long story) so they were being fixed when this picture was taken. They're back now!

Sweet Claire!



Claire is OBSESSED with Barney. We have about 4 old Barney VHS tapes.

Claire: I watch Barney Mommy
Me: OK...which one? (Of course I'm asking which episode she'd like to watch)
Claire: The Purple Barney Mommy!

Hide and Go Seek

My sweet sister Sarah watched our children so Rick and I could go out to dinner Friday night.
She was trying to play "Hide and Go Seek" with them and found Kate "hiding" like this. Apparently Kate thought if she couldn't see Sarah, that Sarah couldn't see her.


When you are a boy and have 2 older sisters who want to comfort you when you are crying, you end up with dollhouse people on your bouncy seat:

Bible 101

Kate's learning some things and some things we still need to work on! :)

conversation today

Kate: Claire...do you know what happened on Good Friday?
Claire: What??
Kate: Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
Kate: Claire...do you know what happened on Easter?
Claire: What??
Kate: Jesus rose from the dead!!
Claire: Oh...OK

Now, that went well! But on Sunday, Rick was reading the Bible to Kate and it didn't go so well :)

Rick read something about John the Baptist and Kate said, "I know him, we went to that church at Hilton head!" (When we were on vacation in Feb, we visited a Baptist Church)
He continued to read and said something about Moses and Kate said, "We like to eat at Moe's too don't we!"


To Kate

I'm only 3 months late on writing a letter to you (I'm trying to write one annually). As I reflect on the past year of your life, I am amazed at a few things. My love for you has increased beyond anything I could have imagined. Our LORD has blessed you more than you may ever understand, and my daily hope is that we will see ongoing evidence of the Holy Spirit's working in your life. As we teach you to pray and worship our LORD, my prayer is that these will not be rote activities, but rather that the Holy Spirit will use these activities to transform you into a new creature.

You love to dance on my feet (your mother mentioned this in her monthly letter), and I cannot explain how fun that is. To you, it is simply another game we play (which by the way, you HATE the snicker doodle!), but to me, it brings unexplainable joy (and sadness when I consider that we will not do this foever!).

As for games, you love the "Jumping Bean" which is where I lift you off the bed three times (bouncing you on your feet), and then on the 3rd "bounce" I "drop" you in a free fall on your back (of course I hold your head to keep you safe). The "Snicker Doodle" is where I hold you tight and spin around real quick while jumping...Apparently, that wasn't fun for you OR Claire! You love to march in a circle singing, "Go Go Joshua, lead your army go..." That is a song from Miss PattyCake. I'm always having to come up with new games to keep you laughing. I remember one Sunday night after church you were doing "Flips" off the stage (I flipped you over my head to the ground). You love to sit on me while I lay on my back on the floor. You gave me a birthday party like mommy's, BUT i must say, it sounds like mommy's party was much better than mine!

Another game you absolutely love is when I tell you, "Don't touch the alarm clock," and you climb on the bed and touch it. I then pick you up really high, squeal really loud, and drop you on the bed and begin tickling you....You LOVE that one. You keep us busy, but I often wonder what we did before you came into our lives. Everytime we get in the car you ask, "can we listen to my music," and mommy always lets you, but I often compromise to let you listen to a song and then I listen to one of my songs. You've begun to play along with that one, but you used to not be too happy about that! As for songs, at least once per week since Christmas, you've asked me to sing, "Away in a Manger" to you before you go to sleep. That has slowed a little since you got your hands on Henry's Glow worm that plays songs to you, but you really don't like it when the glow worm light stays lit during the whole song it plays. There are two modes, and if it is in the wrong mode, it really bothers you.

I tell you all these things for a few reasons. One because they will be great memories for me. Another reason is so you'll see how everyday with a child is an adventure. We are always creating new games, latching on to new toys, and coming up with new quirks which are really sweet and fun. You keep us on our toes as you want nothing more than to grow and learn about this amazing world. God's creation is amazing, and I look forward to teaching you more about it everday. One last thing, there is a country song out that makes me a little sad. The title is "Stealing Cinderella" by Chuck Wicks. The lyrics are below, and the chorus is what makes me sad. It will be a great joy to see you grow up, but I will always remember these days we are living now, and will, I'm sure, look back with fondness and sadness.

I hope you are able to grasp how much I love you.

I came to see her daddy for sit down man to man
It wasn't any secret i'd be asking for her hand
I guess that's why he left me waiting in the living room by myself
with at least a dozen pictures of her sitting on a shelf

[Chorus;] She was playing Cinderella
She was riding her first bike
Bouncing on the bed and looking for a pillow fight
Running through the sprinkler with a big popsicle grin
Dancing with her dad, looking up at him
In her eyes i'm Prince Charming
But to him i'm just some fella riding in and stealing Cinderella

I leaned in towards those pictures to get a better look at one
When I heard a voice behind me say "Now, ain't she something, son?"
I said "Yes, she quite a woman" and he just stared at me
Then I realized that in his eyes she would always be

Playing Cinderella
Riding her first bike
Bouncing on the bed and looking for a pillow fight
Running through the sprinkler with a big popsicle grin
Dancing with her dad, looking up at him
In her eyes i'm Prince Charming
But to him i'm just some fella riding in and stealing Cinderella

He slapped me on the shoulder
Then he called her in the room
When she threw her arms around him
That's when I could see it too

She was Playing Cinderella
Riding her first bike
Bouncing on the bed and looking for a pillow fight
Running through the sprinkler with a big popsicle grin
Dancing with her dad, looking up at him
If he gives me a hard time I can't blame the fella
I'm the one who's stealing Cinderella



My mom, sister Sarah, and I went to Sips-N-Strokes for my mom's birthday! I had never been and we had the BEST time! I cannot draw a smiley face so I was skeptical about the whole process but all of our paintings turned out great! I don't like wine so I brought something from Starbucks! Here are some pictures:

Kate's New Glasses!

Henry's first bite!

Ok...so I know Henry's only 3 months old and the doctors tell you to wait until 4 months to try food, but we went ahead and started last night. Thanks Sarah for feeding him! We started Claire and Henry a little early because both became bottomless pitts around 3 months. This yummy oatmeal and banana cereal does this trick!


Henry 3 months 3-3-08

To my dear son,

Today you are 3 months old! Time goes by much faster with each child. I am trying my best to hold on to each moment with you. I probably hold you more than I did Kate and Claire only because I know how quickly time passes. I just carry you around with me and go about playing with your sisters and getting my work done around the house. In fact, I'm holding you now...even as I type this letter.
3 months is a good age. You smile every time you see me, you sleep great, you only nurse so I'm not having to prepare food for you, you let me kiss you as much as I want to, and you want me to hold you! What could be better than that! Soon you'll be squirming to get down and play with your sisters but for now you're content with me and I like that.
You have the cutest little ears and sweetest smile. You are a good baby and are a blessing to your family. I truly enjoy every second that I have with you.

I love you with my whole heart,