Baby Seven is....

a BOY!!!! We were all able to go to the ultrasound today, which is a first. Normally just Rick and I go but this time everyone tagged along. The room was huge and it had a few toys in in for the children to play with. Jack and Sims played with those toys the entire time. Miles sat with Rick and looked confused, and Kate, Claire, and Henry seemed pretty interested to see what was going on. The tech asked for last minute guesses and all of the kids guessed GIRL. We could tell right away that he was in fact, a HE and everyone was happy - even Kate and Claire. :)
We are thrilled to know and thankful to be having another little boy. That will make 5 boys, 6 and under! How fun will that be?? We will have our own boys' basketball team. It's a good thing I have Kate and Claire - they will help soften up our home. :)
We are praying the Lord will continue to knit him together and that we will be able to meet him in time.