Audio/Video cables broke off into DVD player

Have you ever had a device where the red and white audio cables and/or the yellow video cable broke off into the machine?  We bought an extremely cheap DVD player on Black Friday ($10), and within 15 minutes of opening it I had dropped it and the buttons were stuck.  Still functioning at this point, I moved forward to set it up and we watched a couple of DVDs over the next day.

Then Jack our one year old struck.  He knocked the DVD player onto the floor and the ends of the cables broke off into the DVD player.  I finally got around to trying to fix it today and Google saved the day again.  The best advice I found was to use a small drill bit.  So I did the following:

  1. Found the smallest drill bit I have
  2. Drilled into the broken off piece that was in the back of the DVD player about 1/4 of an inch
  3. Took the drill bit out of the drill and inserted it into the hole
  4. Used the drill be to pry the broken piece out
Perfection.  Our $10 DVD player seems to have more lives than a cat.  Since this solution worked for me I wanted to share the solution with others in hopes that this may solve someone else's issues with a much more expensive device.



Before I start the Mentone post, we find out if our new baby is a boy or a girl on Wednesday!!! I can hardly wait. I am very excited to find out who will be joining our family and to pick a name!!! :)

We spent Christmas night in Gadsden with Rick's parents, went to worship with them Sunday morning (Rick got to preach which was great) and then we went to Mentone for a couple of days. We had the best time! There was a good bit of snow everywhere which we all loved. It was FREEZING cold but that didn't stop our good time!


I'm terrible about taking pictures. I'd rather just enjoy what's going on and forget the pictures. I only took about 9 total on Christmas day. Here are some of them:

Jack enjoying new car
Henry and Percy
Claire and AquaSand
The girls with mom!

We woke up at our house, went to my parents and then went to Gadsden to see Rick's family.
I don't have one single picture from Gadsden. How bad is that.


Luke 2:1-14

We memorized Luke 2:1-14 in the past couple of weeks. We weren't really working with Henry but just by listening in, he was able to memorize almost the entire passage. Why do we memorize scripture? Because 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says that, "All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work." Psalm 119:11 says, "I have stored up your word in my heart that I might not sin against you."
Deut 6 instructs parents to teach the Word of God to their children at all times. We cannot change their hearts, that is of the Lord, but as believing parents, we are called to be obedient to His word. We (children and adults included) should hide God's word in our heart. Hebrews 4:12 says, "For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart." May the Holy Spirit use the Word implanted in all of our hearts to make us more like Christ in all ways.


Zoolight Safari

We went to Zoolight Safari last night! The weather was perfect. It was 62 degrees so we didn't even wear coats. It was the best time we've ever had there. There was no rush and surprisingly, it wasn't crowded at all! I assumed that since the weather was so nice that it would be packed!

They were all so excited! (And yes, Henry got a haircut today)

We go for the "free" rides at the zoo. It would have cost us $21 to ride the train for 2 mins. Crazy
My 3 little snowman
Picture taken by Kate

Ok this requires some explanation. They have an Auburn and an Alabama section at the zoo and you can take your picture by the inflatable mascots. There was A LINE at the Alabama section and NO ONE at the Auburn section. Come on people. They were also giving out Alabama signs but not Auburn ones. CRAZY!!

We had fun on Kate's last night to be 5!


If I was going to do a Christmas Card...

I couldn't get it together to do a Christmas card this year. I took this picture this morning so consider this our blog Christmas card!



Well, we are in a rest week from Birthdays. We've had one the past 2 weeks and Kate's is next week. We all have a bad cold so I guess we'll just lay low for a few days.
I had a doctor's appointment today and everything was great. We find out on January 5th whether this little baby is a boy or a girl. I can hardly wait! Only 22 days left!!! According to the poll on this blog, it's overwhelming that y'all think it's a girl. I actually did too, until today, and now I'm just confused again. The baby's heartbeat was 154 and that's what Henry's and Jack's heartbeat was at this point. The girl's were both in the 170s. The suspense is killing me now!!!!
The countdown is on!


Jack - 1 year old - December 9, 2010

To my baby son,

Today is your first birthday! I know time goes by quickly but I can't even remember our family without you. You are certainly adored by your sisters, especially Kate. I think she really thinks she is your mother sometimes. She is always looking out for you and loves you to pieces. And you love your brother and sisters. Every time they leave the room you are in you scream and crawl after them. You do NOT want to be left out of all the fun. I keep telling you that if you'd learn to walk, you could catch up but your content to crawl for now. One of my favorite things about you is that whenever I pick you up, you pat me on the back. It's like you are saying, "thank you." You've done that since you were about 6 months old. Oh, I love it. You are our first child who has actually liked milk and I think you'd be content to live off of that and bananas.
I want to tell you about your name. After Henry, I was pregnant with another baby before you, and miscarried. It was awful. I prayed and begged the Lord for you. I knew the Lord's ways were not ours and that He might not see fit to give me another baby; to give you to us. But He did. When you were a born and were a son, I knew I wanted your name to be John because it means, "God is gracious." In the Old Testament, there are several examples of people encountering the Lord in a meaningful way and those people would set up monuments to remind themselves of what the Lord had done to or for them. Now, God is always good and always gracious but I was reminded of His care and graciousness when He gave you to us. Your name is a reminder to me of what He has done. May I always be mindful of this and thankful beyond measure. I pray that the meaning of your name will not be hidden and known only to me, but that your life will be as a banner to show of the wonderful grace and mercy that comes from the Father.
All of my love now and forever,



Our kids learn to say War Eagle as soon as they can talk. My sister Sarah stepped it up a little this year and taught the kids to say "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA"!!!! That is after all, the point of every season right? During every game, we heard, "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA!!!" We played LSU and it was "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA!!!"
Well, we beat bama and had only 1 game to win and then we'd be off to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! It was against South Carolina. So last week I had the bright idea of teaching them to say something different. We were in the car and saw a blow up "Aubie" in someone's yard so I heard, "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA!!!"

I said, "Just for this week, let's say "WAR EAGLE - BEAT THE GAMECOCKS."

I heard crickets in the back seat and then all at once, "WHAT DID YOU SAY??? What's a game cock?? A what?? What is that?? Mommy what??

I said, "OK. Well how about WAR EAGLE - BEAT SOUTH CAROLINA!!"

Claire and Henry started to say it but Kate said, "We've been there, that's where Hilton Head is. I like South Carolina."

So I just said, "Nevermind."

And the "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA!!" cheer started again.

I think we'll just stick with that. I'd try to teach them "WAR EAGLE - BEAT THE DUCKS!!" but I'm pretty sure I would be met with, "But I like ducks! Why would you beat a duck?? Can we get a duck??"

And in case you missed the best play ever, here is it:

Can I get a "WAR EAGLE - BEAT BAMA" for that play???


Henry - 3 years old - 12/3/10

To my son on your third birthday,

Herny - how I love you! What joy you have brought into our family in the short time you have been with us. You are a treasure! You brought trucks and train, dirt and rocks into our house that was once full of dolls and princesses. You are kind and you are a boy and I can tell you have 2 big sisters. A few weeks ago you were playing outside and ran in to give me a rock that you said was just for me. (The girls bring me flowers all the time so I guess boys bring rocks.) After about the 15th rock of the day you said, "Mommy you need to put these rocks in a vase with water in them." I put the girls' flowers in water, so why wouldn't I put your rocks in water.
You are a smart boy and have learned many bible verse and the first 4 catechism questions. We have starting asking you to pray at lunch or during worship at night by yourself instead of repeating after us. Two weeks ago during your prayer you said, "Father, help me to love you." What joy that brought to my heart and I earnestly pray the Lord will draw you to Himself and you will love Him with all your heart, soul, strength and might. During that same prayer, you also said, "Please help Jack learn to obey Mommy." You're always thinking of others :) Last Sunday was your first week to come into worship with us and that was a great time for me. I love having you all in with us. We take you out right before the sermon but there were actually 2 songs that we sung that you knew so that was perfect.
When I ask who your best friend is, you say, "JACK"!! However, right now Claire is clearly your best friend. The 2 of you are peas in a pod and do almost everything together. Right now you seem to have similar personalities so I can't wait to see if that stays true. Jack is teaching you to share which is a wonderful thing. The girls never take your trains or rocks away from you but Jack will. I am just thrilled you have a brother and can't wait to see how the 2 of you relate once Jack is a little older.
You love Thomas the Train and the Wiggles. You love trucks and Crocs and actually have slept in your Crocs the past 2 days at nap time.
As tired as I am at the end of the day, I'm so glad you are all home with me. You will be sent out into the world soon enough so I am soaking in every minute of every age. It goes by too quickly.
Thanks for my rocks, keep them coming.
I will love you forever,