McWane Commercial

Last week we took the kids down to the McWane Center to film their holiday commercial. Someone from the McWane Center contacted someone from Rick's company and asked if they had any kids that wanted to be in their commercial and we said yes! There were about 60 kids there so I doubt if we'll see our sweeties but they had fun. They were in the snow scene. Here are some pics to document the occasion. Once again, their favorite part was getting their "trophy."


Birthday Bash

Today was the Birthday Bash! We had a great time and the weather was perfect! We are so thankful that so many of our friends and family could come and help us celebrate. The kids greatly appreciate all their new gifts and they'd still be playing if I wasn't so tired that I put them all to bed. We had a inflatable but I didn't take any pictures of the kids jumping. We also played on the trampoline and rode bikes. Really, thank you all. It meant a lot that you came!

Kate and Henry

Aunt Sarah and Jack

Henry and Claire
Trying my best to get a group shot!
Boo, Jack, Emma and Charlie



I went to the doctor today and got to see the baby again. Everything looks great. I was glad to have another ultrasound because I could see the growth from our last ultrasound 4 weeks ago. I could easily make out the head, arms and legs and the baby was moving all over the place. I loved seeing that little heartbeat. I'm still pretty sick but I'm thinking that will be over in the next couple of weeks. People have asked about names and I really haven't brought it up to Rick in a few weeks. I guess it's time to start that conversation again. :) We'll find out what we are having in 8 weeks. It looks like it will be Jan 11th! I can't wait!


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It really is the most wonderful time of the year around here. In addition to all the excitement that comes with Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have THREE December birthdays! I knew 3 people growing up that had birthdays in December and I always felt sorry for them. Well, the Lord showed us His plans are not our plans with Kate, and then again with Henry and AGAIN with Jack. Now I love December birthdays! The excitement is at an all time high and it's just a lot of fun.
Also, this was Rick's last full week of work until January which is even better!
Here are our next weeks activities:

Next week: Birthday Bash for Kate, Henry and Jack (it was the best week to get family together for their party)
Week after: Thanksgiving
Week after: Henry's Bday! December 3rd
Next week: Jack's Bday! December 9th
Next week: Rest week :)
Next week: Kate's Bday December 22nd and Christmas!
Next week: New Years! (Ok we never do anything for New Years)

I can't believe this little guy will be ONE in less than a month!


I'm Officially....

the worst soccer mom ever. Why?? Because we finished the season tonight and I did not take ONE picture. Not one. When we got home, I made the girls stand at the door and I took this:

That was the best shot. So I guess I did get one, after the session was over. As a side note, this will probably be the only soccer picture I ever have of them. They were much more interested and impressed with the medals than with soccer.



We went trick-or-treating last night and had a great time! We walked around with some of our neighbors and were gone almost 2 hours! We got a TON of candy!!!! I can't believe how much we have.

Kate was Snow White. She acted like Snow White too. She picked up her dress as she walked and had perfect manners.

Claire was Dora. She acted like Dora. She was on a mission to get candy. She didn't care how she got there as long as she got there the fastest way. First you go through the leaf pile, then over the sidewalk, and that's how you get to the candy!

Henry was a mailman. And believe it or not, he acted like our mailman. Our mailman is not the most reliable. He's a little like Newman off of Seinfeld and that's what Rick was calling Henry by the night's end. If it's raining, we may or may not get our mail. If we are expecting a package, we normally just get a slip in the mail telling us to pick it up at the post office. If it's a nice day, our mailman decides that since there are only5 houses on our circle, he'll just drive on by. About halfway through our route, Henry decided that was enough for the night. He just rode in the stroller and then every once in a while, he'd see a house he liked and decide to go get some candy. Otherwise, he just sat back and skipped the houses. It was pretty funny.

Jack was nothing. Now I know you first/second/third time moms are horrified. The first baby always gets dressed up. It doesn't matter if that baby is 3 days old or 10 months old, he is getting dressed up. And it must be some big huge hot furry costume. Crazy but hey, I did it too. Second babies get dressed up. It gets tricker with them because you have to decide if they should wear big brother/sister's old outfit or better yet, if you should dress them in some theme. Third baby, same as second, although sometimes, the oldest child can now decide for themselves what they want to be so sometimes matching is out. I'm telling you, by the 4th one, you come to your senses. Look, Jack is 10 months old, sat in the stroller the entire time, and won't even get any candy. He's happy with a bottle and so no costume. Don't worry, once he can walk, he can get a costume.

When we got home, our obsessive traits came out. We made the kids dump all the candy on our dining room table and sort it all. It was a very fun night.
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