38 weeks

Today I'm 38.1 days. 12 to go until the due date! I could be induced as early as THIS Monday if I wanted to but I'm still holding out for baby to come on his own. I went to the doctor today and have made no progress from last week. That was a little discouraging but I know it is so close now that I might as well just wait it out. I have reached the point in the pregnancy where I am truly ready for him to be born. Babies were not meant to stay inside of you forever and as much as I love his movements, etc, I'm pretty sure I've reached my physical limit. All of our December birthdays and Christmas are over and Rick is finished with his last written tests for ordination. The kids all have new fun things to play with so we'll just stay home and wait now. We've washed all of the things that needed washing and I've packed the baby's things for the hospital. There is nothing left to do.
The only child I've gone into labor with (Jack) was born at 38 weeks and 3 days which would be this Friday. :)I have never even scheduled an OB appointment past 38 weeks and I made my 39 week appointment for next Wednesday. I'll update again then.


Christmas Wish Lists

Apparently Rick and I spent way too much this year on Christmas. Below are the children's Christmas wishes:

Kate, 8 - I don't know******
Claire, 6.5 - DreamLite ($30)
Henry, 5 - I don't know******
Jack, 3 - A hat (huh????)
Sims, 18 months - Mommy, Mommy, ummmm, ummmm

So as you can see, we could have spent about $35 and made everyone happy.

******Rick and my mom decided that "I don't know" really means: "I am perfectly happy and content with everything I have and couldn't possibly even dream of needing or wanting anything else."

To our 2 children who DO need something, I have good and bad news:
Good news-Claire, you are getting a DreamLite
Bad news-No hat for you, Jack

Kate is 8!

Happiest of birthdays to our dear firstborn!!


37 weeks

Today I am 37 weeks and 1 day. 19 days until the due date! I went to the doctor for my check up and have made a little progress from last week. As far as the pregnancy goes, I'll still feeling good. The biggest change from last week is that I am sick. I have some sort of respiratory infection and that is making me feel pretty bad. My doctor gave me a Z-pack and I'm on day 3, so hopefully I will feel better soon. All 3 boys are all sick as well. The girls are about to go crazy being stuck inside but Rick's off of work the rest of the week so hopefully that will help. I think Kate is having the hardest time of anyone. She has so much anticipation built up inside of her, it's just about too much. Her birthday is Saturday, Christmas is Tuesday, and then the baby's birth. She thinks it is "forever" until he is born and that 19 days is "sooooo" far away!! :)
This week is still "make room for baby" week. I've washed all of Hutch's clothes, blankets, his car seat cover, and his bouncy seat cover. Now we just need to bring his dresser and bassinet upstairs, install his car seat and we will be good to go. Next week I'll pack his things for the hospital. I never pack my stuff until it's time to go but it is fun getting the baby's things packed and ready.
We were all out the other day and I felt like a child was missing so I can tell we are getting close. I have even called Sims by the baby's name!
I'll be 38 weeks on Christmas Day but will be back sometime that week for an update.


36 weeks

Actually, I'm 36 and a half weeks now. At this point, those half weeks count. :) That means that there are only 24 days left until my "due" date. I still feel pretty good! The main "issues" I have now are related to changing positions. I am fine if I am standing up but if I need to sit down, it's a little hard. I'm fine if I'm sitting down but if I need to stand up it's hard. I feel like I need some sort of pulley system at night to roll over. :) I'm so thankful for this pregnancy and that it has been relatively easy at the end. This is an extra busy season of life for us and at this point, I am not miserable. Rick still works full time as a software engineer, is preaching weekly and teaching Sunday School, is studying and preparing for his final tests (1 written and then oral exams) for ordination, and pastoring a church plant. Plus, he has a wife and 5.9 children. So I'm glad I still feel like bearing my share of responsibility around here. That hasn't always been the case in previous pregnancies in the last weeks. I am starting to want to stay around our home more and not get out as much, but that has more to do with nesting and trying to rest as much as possible.
Next week is make room for baby week. I hope to wash all of Hutch's clothes and blankets, get his little bed ready, and put his car seat in our car. Our 8 passenger Yukon XL will officially be full at that point!
Will update again at 37 weeks!!



35 weeks

We've passed the 35 week mark! This means that in a little over 4 weeks, Hutch will be here!!! I can't believe how quickly it is going by. Again, this is our busiest season as a family so I am sure that is making the time pass even faster. I know there is a possibility that he will be late but I'm still keeping my eye on the "due" date. I am going to try and hold off and NOT be induced this time unless it becomes necessary. I guess saying it here on the blog will pressure me into sticking with that decision.

I was induced with Kate, Claire, Henry, and Sims at 39 weeks. I've only gone into labor 1 time. It was with Jack at 38.3 weeks. I went to the hospital when I was in VERY early labor (not in any pain) and was immediately given pitocin and had my water broken. So, just for kicks, I'd like to actually go into labor and not go to the hospital until I'm in serious pain. :) We'll see how that goes though. I'm a little nervous that I won't actually know when to go in. You'd think I be a pro on baby #6 but I'm actually a newbie. Rick has watched several Youtube videos on how to solve medical problems we've faced at our house (nursemaids elbow, removing stiches, etc) and I am really hoping he won't be looking up any baby delivery videos because I waited too long to go to the hospital. :) I have a feeling it will be the other way around though and that I'll go in too early. We will see!!

I will try to update every week from now until the birth just for my records.