A Letter to my Children

Kate, Claire and Henry,

I am writing you this letter today, November 20, 2008 because your great-grandfather went to be with the Lord this afternoon. You are all so young and I know you will have no memories of him but he loved you all and I wanted you to know. He came to visit each of you in the hospital when you were born. He held you all as babies and loved you. He would make you french fries and milkshakes when you came to see him. Henry, you never got to have those snacks but you would have loved them. Claire, a few times you choose to have English peas but most of the time, you had fries. :) You all came several times to visit Dadoo in the hospital in his last few weeks and you weren't bothered by the oxygen tubes or the hospital. I know he is with the Lord now and he is perfect and happy and I pray one day you will be in Heaven as well and will be able to meet him again.
Dadoo was a father, grandfather, great-grandfather, lived through the great-depression, fought in WWII, owned his own business, volunteered and was generous with him time and possessions.
His wife prayed for 27 years that the Lord would draw him to Himself and He did. Dadoo led his own father to the Lord. He was very interested and involved in his entire family and he loved us.
I know he would want you to know that he loved you.
I love you all too-



Henry, what's it like having 2 sisters??

Hmm....let me see:

They talk so much I can't hear myself think:

They tell me funny jokes:

Sometimes they make me cry:

Most of the time I love them:

But sometimes....


Will Christians Learn the Lesson?

I read this blog post today, and it pretty much sums up everything I've been thinking over the past few months. I was duped as a young voter when Bush ran for President. That will happen no more.

Will Christians Learn the Lesson?

I also encourage the reading of the following information:

How does the constitution party differ from the libertarian party?


"Boo" at the zoo!

Our children call my mom, Boo and we all went to the zoo together today! Here are some pictures:


Claire 2
Kate 3

Henry 11 months

Henry Scott 11-3-08 11 moths old

To my son at 11 months,
Henry, you are a great joy to our family. I can't picture us without you. My heart swells when I think of you. You are already talking a lot and can say "mama, dada, baba (bottle), bye-bye, hi, no-no-no" You even said "Da-da bye-bye" the other day! You are starting to cry now when I am not with you. This is a change from your easy-going, friendly personality. I don't mind though. You won't be like this forever. Your sisters are still head-over-heels for you. There is a sweet bond between brothers and sisters.
People say tomorrow is an historical election. (McCain vs. Obama) Was it? I personally have never heard people sound so fearful about the outcome. Remember in all of life that God is sovereign...we need not fear. Proverbs 21:1 says, "The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord;he turns it wherever he will." People say we should fear what the country will be like when you are grown. No matter what it is like, trust in the LORD, fear Him and not man. Lead your family to do the same.
We are here if you need us.
I love you with all of my heart now and always-