31 Posts in March

I'm going to post something to our blog EVERY DAY in March.

Why? I have no idea.
What will I say? I have no idea.

But, I only have 3 days left in February so I better go think of what I'll say.



President Obama has setup http://www.recovery.org/ so we can watch the spending of the bailout funds. Generally, I like the idea of utilizing technology to create visibility, but as usual with government programs, I remain skeptical of its success.

The site does offer something I enjoyed. On this page, people are given the opportunity to share their experience on how the bailout (lovingly coined the 'recovery program') has affected them, and I left the response below.

"The whole process of watching the recovery act pass has given me full confidence that our federal government is out of control. I have definitely been touched. My pockets have been picked by the very people responsible for protecting me and my family!"
The response I left is not meant to downplay the difficult times that many in our country are experiencing. It simply manifest my feelings that government tends to only make problems worse in the long run when it intervenes with more programs and control. As organizations grow, they become less efficient and eventually loose site of their original purpose and the very things that allowed them to grow so powerful. I fear we have crossed a threshold leading us toward socialism. If you think it isn't possible for us to not be free one day, consider Rome. They elected a dictator...for life.

...Those silly Romans.


Peggy Needs

A friend of mine did this on her blog and I thought it was funny so I did it too.
Google your first name and "needs" ("Peggy needs") and see what it comes up with.


Peggy needs a vacation
Peggy needs help selecting some fish
Peggy needs an evil twin
Peggy needs a little help from Laura Bush
Peggy needs to develop a task force
Peggy needs your pearls


Rick needs a massage
Rick needs to be cloned for Blogspot
Rick needs our help
Rick needs a kidney
Rick needs your support
Rick needs bail money


Huggin' on Noggin

Noggin is a preschool TV channel. We don't have it on our TV plan but we did have it while we were on vacation the past 2 weeks.

Here's a conversation that happened today with Kate...

Kate: Mommy, I'm supposed to help save the trees.

Me: You are? Where'd you hear that?

Kate: On Noggin. They said I'm supposed to save the trees.

Me: How are you going to do that?

Kate: Well, I don't really know. There was a girl on there hugging a tree so I think I'll just do that...hug a tree or somethin'

So here she is...saving one tree(she said, "I'll save this one b/c it's REALLY tall":

Might as well save 2 while we're at it:


We're Happy and We Know It!

To turn off the music on the blog to watch this 20 sec video...scroll down to the bottom on the page and click the pause button on the music player!

Watch Wheel of Fortune Tonight

One of our friends, Hannah Martin, will be on the Wheel of Fortune gameshow tonight.