When Momma gets sick

I was sick last weekend. I really was. But you all know, Momma's can't get sick. Friday morning after I returned from the doctor (bronchitis), Rick sat the kids down and gave them the Momma's sick speech:

"Your mother is sick. I need you all to show her you love her and be very calm the rest of the day. Let her rest and y'all just play and don't ask her a million questions."

Then said, "O yes sir" and proceeded to sit quietly until Daddy walked out the door. Then they all ran over to me, "MOMMY I'M HUNGRY. MOMMY CAN I PLAY A COMPUTER GAME. MOMMY CAN WE GO TO YOGURT LAB. MOMMY CAN WE PAINT. I'LL PAINT A GET WELL PICTURE FOR YOU!"

Somehow I made it until Rick got home. Saturday morning I woke up to feed Jack and then went back to bed. I woke up every 2 hours, would walk into the den, Rick would look at me and tell me to go back to bed. This went on until 3pm. That was very, very good of him. Even better, he cleaned out the microwave and the refrigerator and brought me these:
Ok, they are a little dead in this picture but they were beautiful when he gave them to me.

Laundry in a family of six is challenging to say the least. So this was what was waiting for me once I felt better:
I'm still working on it.


Claire - Ballet

Little Claire started Ballet this week. She LOVES it and thinks she's so big. She ran out of class and said, "MOMMY, I GOT TO DO A GRAND JETE!" Her teacher also gave her princess gummies so I'm pretty sure Claire will be happy in that class. Here are a few pics:

This is Gigi 2.0. The first one is lost forever.
As, you can see, this one works just as well as Gigi 1.0
Kate says "WAR EAGLE"
And here come the 2 pics that always happen when I pull
out the camera:

This is normally followed up by, "Oh Mommy,
that's so cute. Put that one on Facebook."