If MacGyver had a daughter....

who liked to play with American Girl dolls, her name would have been Kate. I'll find her walking down the hallway with aluminum foil, a straw, a piece of tape, and a cardboard box, and 5 mins later she will come out of her room saying, "I made a microwave for my American Girl dolls." She has probably made at least 25 different things so far including a microwave, a checkers set, a mermaid costume, and even a lava lamp. :)

Here is a picture of her bathroom.You can see a shower, a toilet, and a cabinet. Love that girl!

I have been meaning to post about Henry's entry into soccer but it was rained out this week and we'll miss next week, but it's coming!!!

Simon is 15 months old!

Happiest of 15 months to our baby boy (well, on Sept 6th)! I remember saying when he was born that everyone should have a 5th child because he was so easy. That still holds true today! I sure do love this little guy. He is NOT walking!!! He wins the prize for the latest walker for sure! Claire and Jack both walked at 12 months and Kate and Henry at 13 months. This little guy will stand up in the middle of a room not holding on to anything but will not walk. He has taken about 3 steps at a time so I'm sure it won't be long now. I was hoping he would be walking by the time we went to Disney World (just so I could let him out of the stroller to run around every once in a while) but it's not going to happen. Maybe he'll start when we are down there! :)

He actually can say a lot of words and phrases. They are really too many to count. My favorite is "here you go." He crawls up to me all the time and hands me something and says they. He also loves to say, "blankie, where are you???" He's a cutie for sure.
We love you Simon Oliver and are certainly thankful and grateful for you. You are a joy and a blessing.



I haven't updated in 2 weeks now! I have been meaning to do so but honestly, my finger is still hurting so I haven't been typing that much. (There is no feeling in the top 2/3rds, and I am still having nerve pain. Please do not cut your finger with a blender that is turned on.)  I hope to have posts soon about Henry starting soccer, Sims turning 15 months, and then in a few weeks, our trip to Disney World! We are heading back soon! We literally started saving for this trip the month we returned from our last trip 2 years ago. I think I was a little crazy about the entire thing because whenever a child would find a penny on the road, they would run to me screaming, "Mommy-here is money for our Disney World fund!!!" And yes, we booked our trip in March, before we found out about baby Hutch. It will be interesting to see what Disney World is like pregnant but hey, I'll have 5 other children to distract me. :) We are all so THRILLED about going but I honestly think I am the one that is the most excited!
Be back soon!