During the election, Christians painted Sarah Palin as the new right-wing, conservative, voice for change back to the roots of what the republican party is all about. Well, tonight I was studying Hebrews and came across the Greek word that is transliterated "Palin", and I thought the definition was somewhat humerous as it really manifest my own thoughts about the republican party.

The definition I read is here: http://net.bible.org/strong.php?id=3825

The Greek word means "repetition of the action" and it is rooted in the word that carries "the idea of oscillatory repetition". Hmmm...So, it seems I may have been right in thinking Sarah Palin would simply bring us more of the same thing.

The only thing I can say from this is that it's wise to always check the Greek!


Life Tip #731

Never, under any circumstances, buy a 10 pack of razors from the Dollar Tree.


Happy Birthday Peggy! The Big 3-0

30 years ago today, Peggy was born. And it is by God's good grace and kindness to me that she was brought into our family as my wife. She has proven to be an awesome wife and a gentle mother to the three children she has given to me thus far. We know our heavenly Father upholds the entire creation by the might of His power, and in His great wisdom, He has given Peggy to our family to strengthen it, organize it, and basically manage each day excellently. As a mom, her days are filled with activities that benefit others, and the end of each day finds her concerned not with what she didn't get done for herself, but rather with what she did not complete that would help me. This is humbling.

She is a true helper. She practices submission joyfully in Christ. She loves our children and seeks to raise them in light of God's truth daily even when it is extremely difficult and contrary to the actions of peers, which makes it even more difficult. In recent years she has grown to a deeper understanding of being satisfied in Christ. This fruit of God's Spirit is evidenced not only by her actions that we witness, but also through her own confession and renouncement of her fleshly desires and actions. Man's greatest danger is to come to a point where we consider ourselves good without a need to pursue greater Holiness (through the power of the Gospel of course). I have no concern of this for Peggy. While we see in her kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and the like, she has an unending desire for sanctification by drawing near to the Lord so that He might draw nearer to her and transform her even more than has already been accomplished.

I love Peggy, and every day we have on this earth together causes me to desire to show more love to her. God has blessed our family greatly, and Peggy is central to that blessing. If you know her, I'm sure you agree with me. If you do not know her, you are missing out on a wonderful person. My bride. Happy Birthday Peggy. I hope you know how much we cherish and need you in our lives every day and thank God that He has seen fit to give you to us!