Christmas 2007

We went to 4 houses besides ours on Christmas day! We started off at home, went to Boo and Papaw's, Dadoo's, Gumbunny's, and finally, Grandmommy and Granddaddy's! We sure were tired at the end of the day but it we had a great time. Henry did great!



My dear friend Jessica brought us some chili that we ate for dinner last night. While we all loved it, Claire especially did. After a few minutes of eating, I heard, "MORE, MORE" from Claire who was pointing at her bowl. So I filled her bowl back up and placed it in front of her and she said, "YUMMY, YUMMY!" It was hilarious...she proceeded to eat that bowl as well and again asked for more. At that point, I had to cut her off. The picture above shows how much she loved it. Don't be fooled by the chili all over her face...she did eat it all and none was left but at one point the spoon wasn't fast enough for her so she started using her hands to grab the chili and eat it...then it just got all over her face.

So thanks again Jess...especially from Claire!

Conversation with Kate

Kate: Mommy, I love baby Henry!

Me: Kate, that's such a sweet girl...you're a good big sister.

Kate: Mommy, when are we going to put Henry up?

Me: What do you mean?

Kate: When are we going to take him back to the hospital?

Me: We aren't going to take him back...he's part of our family and he lives with us now.

Kate: I want to take him back to the hospital.


Claire enjoying her new coat

More on Ron Paul

This article presents an interesting side of the Ron Paul story. I must admit that I do not know everything Ron Paul believes, but it seems quite clear that we need to quit being blinded by the issues.

The Presidential campaigns in our country suffer from the same problems the church is experiencing. We want to teach application diligently because people are not being transformed by the word of God. The problem is that we are not being transformed by the renewing of our minds.

The answer is not to simplify God's word to a list of dos and donts nor is it to simplify the political process to a list of 10-20 issues. People change and my political views probably change slightly every 6-12 months as I gain more knowledge and wisdom. What we need to look for in a President is a man of integrity that will stand strong to his basic worldview or political viewpoint.

Ron Paul believes the government is too big and intrusive and even if I do not agree with him on many issues, I can rest assured that he will do everything in his power to stop the federal government from imposing laws that make my life more difficult. Government is easier on smaller on smaller scale, and Ron Paul is pushing for major shrinkage!


Vote Ron Paul 2008

A couple of months ago Peggy and I saw what looked like a painted bedsheet sign hanging off a local bridge (over highway 31 in Birmingham by the Galleria mall). It said "Vote Ron Paul". At the time we assumed this had something to do with one of the local colleges due to it's unofficial appearance.

Since that time, I have become acquainted with the Ron Paul running for President of the United States in the 2008 presidential election. If you haven't heard much about him, please read up on him at http://www.ronpaul2008.com/. After a little reading through his issues page, I am now a supporter of this man for President.
Merry Christmas!


Bells still on bob's tail!

Last Christmas we blogged about a humerous conversation that occurred in our family around the line "Bells on bobbed tails ring" (or something like that) in "Jingle Bells". We followed that post with another one noting that we had seen a rise in traffic to the site due to the original post.

Well, once again, we're seeing some traffic related to bells and bob tails. The TOP 10 searches that led people to our blog for this December were ALL related to this topic! We thought that was interesting!

Merry Christmas!


Congratulations to Rick!

Rick just finished up his first degree at seminary this semester! He now has a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. He's still working on his Master of Divinity degree but between working full time and having me and 3 children...it'll probably be a few more years!
Congrats Rick!

Claire - 20 months

My dear Claire,

You are now 20 months old! You are such a joy to your family. I can't believe you will be 2 in just 4 months...the time has gone by so quickly. I chose this picture to save with your letter this month because every picture we have of you recently looks just like this. I think it's such a funny smile and wanted you to see it.

You have now been a big sister for 2 weeks. You are so sweet to Henry and love to hold him and cover him up (although you always cover up his head)! I have to watch you though because you'll ask to hold him and will hold him for about 2 minutes and then as soon as you are finished, you just push him off your lap. There's no warning...just a push. But you sure love him and kiss and hug him all the time. He's blessed to have such sweet sisters.

You are talking a lot now. It's fun because you and Kate have conversations all the time. You still call her "T". You can say Kate but prefer T so we'll see how long that will stick. If you both wake up at the same time in the morning, you and T will talk for a little while and then as soon as Kate leaves the room, you start screaming "NO T, NO T" because you don't want her to leave the room without you (you're still in a crib so you can't leave by yourself.) It's sweet.

Your favorite songs right now are "Jesus love me", "The B-I-B-L-E", and "Go tell it on the mountain" and you know all the motions we made up for that song.

You can feed yourself now which is a big help to me!! You love to run around and spin around in circles until you get dizzy...that's pretty funny to watch. You LOVE baby dolls and are attached to your doll "Mary" and to your blanket. We never leave you anywhere without your blanket!

I love you my baby and can't believe how big you are getting! You are a blessing to me.

Love always,



Common Sayings

While I haven't read through all of the items on this page, the ones I have read are interesting.




Our Nativity Giraffe

The church we are attending had their Children's Choir Program tonight. There was one scene in the play that was at the manager. They invited the little children to be the animals at the manger. They got to pick which animal they wanted to be and Kate decided she wanted to be a giraffe and Claire, a cow. The funny thing about Claire being the cow is that she pooped right before she went onstage so she smelled her part too. She also had to take her blanket with her. I don't have the best picture of the cow because I was holding Henry but I have some good ones of the giraffe!


Fun at home

I put Henry on the sofa after feeding him yesterday afternoon and turned around to go do something. I came back a minute or 2 later and found this...

The day before I put Henry under his little play gym and went to clean the kitchen...I came back and saw this....

Those girls can't get enough of their brother. And yes...we've been in our pajamas almost all week...but please let that slide...at least for another few days!


Day 8

Well....I've been "TeeTeeed" on 3 times today, but Henry only woke up once last night between 10:00 pm and 7:30 am so I think that's a fair trade.


Times are changing (or have already changed!)

A few mornings ago Kate woke up with an earache. I quickly grabbed the tylenol and hair dryer. My dad used to always take care of my earaches with the hair dryer and it works wonders. A few minutes later everything was fine and she snuggled up to me on the big chair in the den.

Fast forward to today and I found out that the hair dryer may not be the best solution for helping the aching ear. My grandmother and I were talking tonight, and I mentioned the story above. She told me how my grandad used to fix earaches in their household by blowing cigarette smoke into the children's ears.

I found that rather humerous, and then realized how times have definately changed because he would probably be arrested for child abuse for doing that in today's society!