Claire - 20 months

My dear Claire,

You are now 20 months old! You are such a joy to your family. I can't believe you will be 2 in just 4 months...the time has gone by so quickly. I chose this picture to save with your letter this month because every picture we have of you recently looks just like this. I think it's such a funny smile and wanted you to see it.

You have now been a big sister for 2 weeks. You are so sweet to Henry and love to hold him and cover him up (although you always cover up his head)! I have to watch you though because you'll ask to hold him and will hold him for about 2 minutes and then as soon as you are finished, you just push him off your lap. There's no warning...just a push. But you sure love him and kiss and hug him all the time. He's blessed to have such sweet sisters.

You are talking a lot now. It's fun because you and Kate have conversations all the time. You still call her "T". You can say Kate but prefer T so we'll see how long that will stick. If you both wake up at the same time in the morning, you and T will talk for a little while and then as soon as Kate leaves the room, you start screaming "NO T, NO T" because you don't want her to leave the room without you (you're still in a crib so you can't leave by yourself.) It's sweet.

Your favorite songs right now are "Jesus love me", "The B-I-B-L-E", and "Go tell it on the mountain" and you know all the motions we made up for that song.

You can feed yourself now which is a big help to me!! You love to run around and spin around in circles until you get dizzy...that's pretty funny to watch. You LOVE baby dolls and are attached to your doll "Mary" and to your blanket. We never leave you anywhere without your blanket!

I love you my baby and can't believe how big you are getting! You are a blessing to me.

Love always,



  1. It is scary how much our girls are alike. Annie has been spinning in circles lots lately too and we think she does it on purpose to make herself dizzy and fall just so she can say wow. Looking forward to seeing y'all today. Maybe C and A will talk to each other now that they are talking more.

  2. Peggy- Clair is so cute with that special little clair smile!! Can't beleive that she is 20 months. Your letters to them are priceless and something that I know they wil cherish. Can't wait to see Henry!! Love- Mel