My dear friend Jessica brought us some chili that we ate for dinner last night. While we all loved it, Claire especially did. After a few minutes of eating, I heard, "MORE, MORE" from Claire who was pointing at her bowl. So I filled her bowl back up and placed it in front of her and she said, "YUMMY, YUMMY!" It was hilarious...she proceeded to eat that bowl as well and again asked for more. At that point, I had to cut her off. The picture above shows how much she loved it. Don't be fooled by the chili all over her face...she did eat it all and none was left but at one point the spoon wasn't fast enough for her so she started using her hands to grab the chili and eat it...then it just got all over her face.

So thanks again Jess...especially from Claire!

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  1. Yah! So glad she liked it. Annie didn't so much go for it like Claire did. We'll have to get these 2 together to eat soon so Annie can see what a good eater Claire is and be influenced :).