My friend Lauren Winter, whom I've know since High School, has started a photography business.
She took pictures of us this week and we got a preview of some of them tonight. She is super talented!!
She is also 8 months pregnant and laid on the ground to get some shots. Now that is dedication!


Why I love Flip Flops

I love flip flops. I love them because I'm happy to have a break from the MOUND of socks I normally have to fold for our family of 6:


Trip to the Zoo!

Ok. This has been the best week! It's Holy Week so we've been worshiping at our church and having fellowship with our friends. Second, my mother has been having some medical troubles for some months now. We really needed Dr. House. Too bad, he's not real. After numerous scans, etc, she will have spinal surgery on Monday. I am more than thankful that nothing cancerous or life threatening was found. We will be in prayer that the surgery will be successful and will alleviate the pain she's been having. I love my mom!
Also, the weather has been perfect. We've played outside a ton! We went to the zoo one day - of course, my children really just like the playground. They don't care so much about the animals.

I love this first picture because it really shows off their personalities. 

Don't let Henry's "innocent" face fool you. This is what he did in the choir room of our 100 year old church:
We tried the Magic Eraser, Rubbing Alcohol and something else. Needless to say, we will be painting on Saturday. Thankfully, I am the only one at church who was bothered by this (except for little Henry after his discipline) and Henry has a new nickname, Van Gogh.