First Day of School

We started our 2015-2016 school year today! I know July 13th is early but I wanted our first semester to be completed by Charlotte Emma's due date. We finished last school year mid-May so we have had a 2 month summer break.

I have a regular Elementary School this year. :)
Kate-5th, Claire - 4th, Henry - 2nd, Jack - K, and Sims - K4

And every school needs a mascot or two. Here are ours:
Miles - 2, Luke - 8 months
I'm sure they will provide plenty of comic relief to our days.

Today was probably the best first day we've had. Everyone was excited, worked hard, and there was still plenty of time to play all afternoon.


21 weeks

I am 21 weeks now and amazed at how fast time is progressing. I still cannot believe we are having a GIRL!!! We gave away almost all of our girl clothes and one of our cribs when we found out Luke was a boy so I am currently going through what we do have to see what we actually need. I smocked several dresses for the girls when they were little (that was when I had more time) and thankfully kept all of those. I also have some gowns/dresses that Kate, Claire and I all wore as babies so it's fun to pull them out and know that little Charlotte Emma will be wearing them soon. My sister, Sarah, and another friend have already bought her a few sleepers and outfits which was so kind.

One thing I want to remember is how the Lord was extra gracious to me with my morning sickness. I always feel terrible for 6 weeks with every pregnancy and it normally lasts all day. This time I did feel sick everyday, but it was always after 2:00 in the afternoon. I was able to get our school work completed, some housework, and start dinner before it set in. This was a tremendous blessing.

Kate and Claire are beside themselves with excitement about a baby sister. For as long as Claire has been able to talk, she has been asking for one. She and Charlotte Emma share the same initials and that was partly to honor Claire. They ask me everyday about who will be able to hold her first - I'm not sure how we will decide that.

Baby girl is due November 19th and Luke's first birthday is October 21st. Our babies have never walked before their first birthday so we will most likely have 2 non-walkers for a few weeks. :)

We are starting school on Monday, July 13th, to accommodate our newest little one (or really me.) This will allow us to complete the 1st semester of school by mid-November, when Charlotte Emma is due. It will be good to get back into our routine and I know we will all be glad in November when we will break for the remainder of the year.