Fun Outside

Kate wants to wear this Christmas sweater all the time. It's still 90 degrees outside...

Kate pushing Claire around in the new bike trailer/stroller

Claire having fun in the stroller!

Claire wants a turn to push!


Kate 2 years, 9 months

My dear Kate,

You are now 2 years and 9 months old! I can’t believe you will be 3 soon. That sounds so much older to me than 2. You are a beautiful girl and have grown so much these past few months. You love to play pretend now which takes up a good part of our day. Yesterday we played that you were the Mommy and I was Kate and you just loved that. You wanted me to take a nap so that was easy for me to do!
You’ve started thinking and asking a lot of questions about God. Yesterday you asked where God is, where Heaven is, etc. Then you asked, “How do we get to Heaven?” I told you that the Lord will take us there when He is ready. You quickly said, “Well…I’m going to Heaven because I love Jesus but I’m taking an airplane.”
I thought that was so funny and I’m so happy to have you ask me questions like that.
You and Claire are so sweet together and you love to play with her. You always make sure she has something to play with and will “interpret” for her if you don’t think I understand what she wants.
You are very excited about your new baby brother but INSIST on calling him Harris. We keep explaining to you that that is not his name but you don’t care. You just tell us you are going to call him Harris. So…we’ll see what happens once he’s born.
You are a great helper to me and love to dust, sweep, vacuum, and put toys/clothes away. It takes longer to get my chores done with all of the help but I love that you are eager to help me so I don’t mind letting you.
I love you baby girl and I am so thankful for you. I prayed that the Lord would give you to me long before you were born.

Love always and forever,



Claire 17 months

My dear Claire,

You are now 17 months old. You are my prize and my treasure. You are such a wonderful little girl and I love you. You have such a fun personality and it is really starting to come out. You are talking a lot more now and interacting with us more and more each month. I took this picture of you because I thought it was so funny. I came to check on you before I went to sleep one night and this is what I found. I put your shirt back on but it was off again by morning. You LOVE your blanket and your doll, Mary, and carry them everywhere.
The only places I ever drop you off are in the nursery at church and at the YMCA. The very few times I have forgotten your blanket, the workers have called me to come get you because you wouldn’t stop crying. When you have that blanket though, you’ll run right in and start playing.
You have a strong stubborn streak and at times, you can really test us. If we ask you to do something and you don’t want to do it, you’ll stop whatever you are doing and just give us this funny stare. You won’t respond at all but you will stare. Eventually, you know you have to obey and you will, but it is hard at times. Kate is on your side because she will try and get you to obey us. But you just keep on staring.
My prayer for you is first for your salvation and that your stubbornness will become faithfulness unto the Lord. May you be a peacemaker in our family and love unconditionally and faithfully.
I love you my baby girl and you will be a blessing to me my entire life.
Love always,Mommy


Baby Powder

Don't ask me why I'm just now figuring this out but I LOVE baby powder!
Claire had diaper rash and I was out of diaper rash cream so I just used baby powder and it cleared it up over night!
I won't use that expensive cream anymore....plus....it made her smell so good!

Restless Leg Syndrome During Pregnancy

Peggy has been suffering from "Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)" during this pregnancy. This will leave her in due time (Lord willing of course), but while she has it, I've contracted a similar minor issue.

With RLS, each night when she lays down, her leg has the pins and needles feeling, and it is extremely bothersome as it causes her to not easily find comfort; therefore, she tosses and turns a good bit.

My issue is closely related to Peggy's RLS, and it is probably safe to say that it directly correlates and will leave me as soon as Henry is born, but time will tell.

What is my issue, you ask? "Restless Peg Syndrome (RPS)". The name should speak for itself....


Words of Wisdom

Tonight I heard some wise words from a lady much wiser than me, and I wanted to pass these words on to you. It is paraphrased because I can't remember the exact quote.
Our world is full of noise, clutter and loud voices...

The Holy Spirit's voice is a whisper...

As such, His voice is easily drowned out and lost...

I pray urgently that God will help me hear his voice through all the
clutter and noise....

This woman then noted that we ask God for many things through prayer, and then turn and go about our daily tasks without listening. How often we must miss the voice of God as He seeks to direct us in His path. If we're honest with ourselves, we must admit that we usually seek the noise rather than seeking God.


Mother's "Little Helper"

All Kate wants to do now is help clean. Thanks goodness for little girls!!!


Claire and Sweet "T"

Claire calls Kate, "T" in her attempt to say Kate. She'll see her and say "Hi T" or "TEEEEEE!!!!!"
So I started calling Kate "Sweet T." Kate does not like either of these names and we've had the following conversation numerous times:

Claire: TEEEEEEE!!!!!
Kate: My name is not T, it's KATE HUTCHINSON!

Me: Baby, she's trying to say Kate, she just can't yet
Kate: Well...maybe next year she will be able to say Kate Hutchinson