Camp Hutchinson - Day 5 - Last Day

Today was the last day of Camp Hutchinson. We were supposed to have "Water Day" (thanks Carol) at my mom's house but my uncle Kelley (Carol's husband) had to have a heart procedure done at the hospital today so my mom went down there. Thankfully he is OK! So...water day was moved to our house! We played in our little pool, bought a slip-n-slide and threw water balloons. The girls LOVED throwing them at Henry (see video below.)
Camp was GREAT fun and we are going to do it again next year for sure!! I asked Kate what her favorite activity was and she said, "I liked Water Day! Oh and Oak Mountain. And the McWane Center and the zoo. AND Jump Zone! Well...I just liked everything!" That about sums it up...

We're Off! (Sort of) Slip-N-Slide

Water Balloons
Getting ready to throw WBs at HHFun in the pool
Slip-N-Slide Fun
HH loved the pool which is funny because he HATES the bathtub

Popsicles in the Pool

He was laughing hysterically until I got the camera out...Oh well


Camp Hutchinson - Day 4

Today Rick got to join us again! We all had a great time. I think today was my favorite day. We were going to go to Critter Creek Farm (thanks Brianna for the idea) but I saw on their website that they were closed this month because of the heat! We went to our state park instead. We went to the petting zoo, played in the lake, and flew a kite! It was SO much fun!!

This morning before camp. I think I've worn everyone out! We're Off!
At the petting zoo
Kate loved all the animals' ears
Walking with the donkeys
The animals were sad to see us go
Henry at the lake
Claire at the lake
The girls playing
Kate flying the kite
Claire flying the kite
Me flying the kite - look at that form!
At lunch
H at lunch


Camp Hutchinson - Day 3

Today we were thrilled to have Rick join us! He'll be along tomorrow as well. We went to the zoo and had a great time. We never ride the train or any of the "extras" at the zoo so that's what we did today. We didn't even see the animals!

We're Off!
The Fountain
Henry at the fountain
Group at the fountain
Train Ride!
Claire on the train
Ok...this was staged but it's still sweet!
Rick and Henry on the train
Kate in the foam zone! (another extra!)
Foam zone fun!
Ice cream!
Me and HH


Camp Hutchinson - Day 2

Today we went to Jump Zone. (thanks Meredith) We all had a great time except at the end of our time there. A little boy, probably 7 or 8, got in trouble with his mom for something and as he was running away from her, he shoved Kate and pinched Claire in the chest! I guess we got a full camp experience today. Rick is joining us tomorrow!! YEA!!
We're OFF - Day 2
Getting ready to go play!

We have this EXACT play set in our backyard. It was Kate favorite thing to play on...go figure

Henry had fun too!

Claire climbing up the biggest slide I've ever seen in my life. Kate wouldn't go anywhere near it.

We topped the day off with smores! Rick made them in the microwave!


Camp Hutchinson - Day 1

Today was the first day of Camp Hutchinson. Thanks for all the suggestions that you gave me! I'm using several of them. Today we went to the McWane Center, out to lunch, threw money in the girls' favorite fountain and went to Soho Sweets. It was SO fun and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the week. Everyone slept great this afternoon too! I even took a little nap!
We're off!

Kate fixing the car
Claire LOVES to dry her hands after playing in the water table

Henry in the vegatable garden

Claire on a bed of nails

Yummy candy!


Henry Scott - 8-3-08 - 8 months

To my son,

Today you are 8 months old! I cannot believe how fast the first year of your life is going. I can't even picture my life now without you and I can't remember life before you. You are a joy, a blessing...you are my treasure.
I'm pretty much hooked on you. How could I not be....almost every time you see me, you start clapping your hands. When I pick you up, you pat me on the back. It makes me so happy. Your sisters can't get enough on you either. They are always around you whenever you are awake. When Claire wakes up, she says, "where's my little buddy"? Kate always asks to feed you. They love you so much.
You are still a very good natured baby. You hardly ever cry. You just love to play and observe all that is going on around you.
The Lord is teaching me once again about the love He had for His Son through you. I am thankful to God for the way He created us and how he uses the first year of life to show us our need for Him. We are totally reliant on Him and I see that by the way you need us.
I am thankful beyond measure and love you more than I could ever say
All my love-