Camp Hutchinson - Day 4

Today Rick got to join us again! We all had a great time. I think today was my favorite day. We were going to go to Critter Creek Farm (thanks Brianna for the idea) but I saw on their website that they were closed this month because of the heat! We went to our state park instead. We went to the petting zoo, played in the lake, and flew a kite! It was SO much fun!!

This morning before camp. I think I've worn everyone out! We're Off!
At the petting zoo
Kate loved all the animals' ears
Walking with the donkeys
The animals were sad to see us go
Henry at the lake
Claire at the lake
The girls playing
Kate flying the kite
Claire flying the kite
Me flying the kite - look at that form!
At lunch
H at lunch

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  1. We are totally shadowing each this week! We were at Oak Mountain on Wednesday. We didn't get to do all the cool things you did with daddy around but we did make it to the beach.