Camp Hutchinson - Day 2

Today we went to Jump Zone. (thanks Meredith) We all had a great time except at the end of our time there. A little boy, probably 7 or 8, got in trouble with his mom for something and as he was running away from her, he shoved Kate and pinched Claire in the chest! I guess we got a full camp experience today. Rick is joining us tomorrow!! YEA!!
We're OFF - Day 2
Getting ready to go play!

We have this EXACT play set in our backyard. It was Kate favorite thing to play on...go figure

Henry had fun too!

Claire climbing up the biggest slide I've ever seen in my life. Kate wouldn't go anywhere near it.

We topped the day off with smores! Rick made them in the microwave!

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  1. First off, now I want smores. Second, a "big" boy pushed AC over in a chair when she was about 14 months...how frustrating! Hope your little ones were ok!