Camp Hutchinson - Day 5 - Last Day

Today was the last day of Camp Hutchinson. We were supposed to have "Water Day" (thanks Carol) at my mom's house but my uncle Kelley (Carol's husband) had to have a heart procedure done at the hospital today so my mom went down there. Thankfully he is OK! So...water day was moved to our house! We played in our little pool, bought a slip-n-slide and threw water balloons. The girls LOVED throwing them at Henry (see video below.)
Camp was GREAT fun and we are going to do it again next year for sure!! I asked Kate what her favorite activity was and she said, "I liked Water Day! Oh and Oak Mountain. And the McWane Center and the zoo. AND Jump Zone! Well...I just liked everything!" That about sums it up...

We're Off! (Sort of) Slip-N-Slide

Water Balloons
Getting ready to throw WBs at HHFun in the pool
Slip-N-Slide Fun
HH loved the pool which is funny because he HATES the bathtub

Popsicles in the Pool

He was laughing hysterically until I got the camera out...Oh well


  1. That video is hilarious. Why do I feel like it is a preview of how things are going to go for little brother Henry with those two big sisters ?:)

  2. Thank you for sharing your mom with me. It was wonderful having her at the hospital with me. She is a treasure.I appreciate the prayers for Kelley. He's doing and feeling great.

    I'm sorry you didn't get to have Water Day at her house but it looked like y'all had a great time anyway.I love the pictures and video. I would love to spend the day with your kiddos. They are so precious.

  3. Seriously, invite me to be a kid at Camp Hutchinson next year. :) How fun! Fudge pops in the pool?!? Does life get any better? :) I can't believe H was such a good sport w/ the water balloons.

  4. i cant believe you said "ok go ahead!" about your son being bombarded with water balloons! haha poor thing.

  5. Peggy,
    Ok, so when I saw your comment on our blog I thought it was my Aunt Peggy and I thought that was strange because she knows where Seth works. Then I realized I could click on your name and it took me here. Anyway, Seth is working for a Christian non-profit here in Birmingham and working on finishing up his PhD. He'll have to fly back to St Andrews one more time to defend his dissertation and then hopefully he'll come home Dr. Tarrer. Your kids are beautiful and look to be close to ours in age. Is your house as crazy as ours?