I've been bad about taking pictures so I took a few before we went to our Thanksgiving activities yesterday. Kate is 4 (will be 5 on December 22nd), Claire is 3 (but insists that she is really 3.5) and Henry will be 2 on December 3rd. They are a blessing and a joy.


It's gettin' bigger

This picture was taken at 35 weeks and friends...it's gettin' bigger.

Is it embarrassing that I have on the same shirt today? Anyway, Kate weighed 6 lbs 7 oz, Claire weighed 7 lbs 6 oz, and Henry was 8 lbs 5 oz. If the trend continues, this one will weigh 9 lbs 4 oz. Yikes! and OUCH! But hey, I guess the bigger the baby, the less weight I'll have to loose right??


Differences between #1 and #4

There are MANY differences between #1 and #4

1. The nursery - Kate's was planned and ready months before she was born. It all centered around the crib bumper. Baby #4 doesn't have a nursery ...s/he will be sharing a room with Henry and will NOT even have a crib bumper. They make changing sheets much too difficult.

2. The equipment - Kate had all the "must have" equipment (swing, bouncer, etc.) By now I've learned that this baby will be just as happy on the floor....maybe s/he will get to lay on a blanket...maybe not. :)

3. The shopping cart cover - I made one for Kate and took it EVERYWHERE...my sweet baby didn't need ANY stranger germs on her. This baby will never use a shopping cart cover. If chewing on the shopping cart will keep him/her happy, that's fine by me. The less crying with 4 children at the store, the better.

4. Errands - Speaking of the store, Kate never went to the store or anywhere else without me AND Rick, my mom or my sister for about the first 6 months. I just didn't know how I could handle it all! :) #4 will most likely go to the grocery store within the first 3 weeks of it's life with JUST Kate, Claire, Henry and me.

5. Dressin' up - This is a little embarrassing but hey, I am from the south. Kate never, and I mean NEVER, left the house unless she was in a smocked dress. No joke. Doctor's office - smocked dress. Grocery store - smocked dress. Post office - smocked dress. ON A WALK AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD - smocked dress. It was "church" clothes 24/7. Please don't be surprised if #4 just has on a side button T-shirt and a diaper on when you run into us...even at church. :)

5. Name - Kate had a name picked out as soon as I knew she was a girl. She had all kinds of stuff with her name on it. I mean it...this baby does NOT have a name. I guess we'll end up naming it at the hospital. (Has anyone actually done this before??) I do WANT to have a name ready but we just can't decide.

One thing that WILL BE the same is that I'm basically the sleep Natzi. I just like an orderly house with a schedule that everyone is on. The sleep training starts the first day home from the hospital. SO FAR, it's worked will the other kids. All have slept 8 hours between 4-5 weeks and all have slept 12 hours by 10-11 weeks (and yes, I nurse.) Plus, the 1:00 nap is essential to a happy household!

We'll see though...we have 24 days or less! I think! :) YES...I'm ready. YES...Rick is ready. Yes...the girls are ready. Henry...I don't know about him. Kate says it IS a girl but she'll like him even if he's a boy. Claire says it's 2 babies...the girl is inside the boy's tummy.