Free Hat Night


I can never think of blog titles...

I don't know how I did it, but I did it. They are officially "tuckered out".

This little guy is a dream baby. I am more than thankful for that. Everyone should have a 5th baby. Trust me...they are sweet.

Finally, don't be fooled by these last pictures. Jack adores his little brother and holds his arms out to hold him all the time. He has finally figured out how to put the pacifier IN Sims' mouth and he is mighty proud of himself.

PS - We are having "Camp Hutchinson" again this year. Rick is staying home for a week in August and we're going to have FUN!! We have some things planned but if anyone has ideas of what we can do, let me know!!



Why is my 19 month old concerned with his "hairdo"? I heard the water running in our bathroom and walked in to find this:

He turned the water back on and started again when I left the room. Oh boy.

Sims is the one who actually should be concerned with his "hairdo." He was born with a head full of black hair but it's beginning to thin. However, his sideburns (yes, that's right...sideburns) are still as thick as ever. I have a feeling that in a few weeks the little guy is going to be bald, but with sideburns.