Henry - 1 month - January 3rd, 2008

To my son,

Today you are 1 month old! I can't believe it's only been 1 month because it seems like you've been with us forever and I can't even picture our little family without you now.

You are a good baby. You sleep well and have only gotten up one time in the night since you were 8 days old. I'm hoping in the next week or 2 that you'll follow in your sisters steps and start sleeping all the way through the night but if not, I'll enjoy the time that just the 2 of us share at 3am. You smiled for the first time on New Years Day! I must say that I am so glad that you gave your first smile to me. You fit right into our family and your sisters sure do love you. They hug and kiss you all the time and fight to hold you. Whenever they wake up in the morning or after naptime, they both ask for you first thing.

If I could tell you one thing that you should carry with you your entire life it would be to watch your father. See how worship is first. See how he loves me and treats me and cares for me. See how he loves you and your sisters. See how he works hard but never puts work above us. See how he spends his time. You will never be too old to seek his guidance or spend time with him.
While you are in our house, we will be preparing you to one day leave and to be a man, a husband and a father. You have no better example than your own father. When you leave us, you will be ready if you learn from him. The Lord has blessed you. All this talk of leaving makes me sad so for now, I will hold you close and hold you tight while you are still my baby.

I will love you my whole life,


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  1. Peggy- You have the sweetest notes to your children, they make me so inspired to love my children the way that you do- you always find the best in them and their situations. I never hear you say anything negative about them, you are truly a wonderful Mom and I am thankful you are my friend and that I can learn so much from you. Happy one month Henry!!!