Leaving the House

Since I just posted about going to the grocery store for the first time, I thought I'd let you know what's involved with getting 3 children out the door.

Supervise teeth brushing
Make sure she goes to the bathroom
Pick out clothes
Supervise getting dressed
Help tie shoes
Fix hair
Put on coat

Brush her teeth
Put on clean diaper
Pick out clothes
Dress her
Put on shoes and socks (normally this is done 2x before we leave because she always takes them off)
Fix hair
Make sure I have another diaper with me...just in case
Put on coat
Make sure we have "botbee" (her blanket)

Change diaper
Pick out clothes
Get him dressed
Strap in car seat carrier
Put blanket over him
Make sure I have diapers/bottle if we are going to be out awhile

Walk all 3 to the car...
Buckle Henry's seat in
Buckle Kate in
Buckle Claire in
Climb to the front on the van
Sit in my seat
Buckle myself in

Turn on the car

Sit and rest (I actually do this)

Now, this may seem like a lot but it normally only takes about 2 hours :)


  1. I will be so happy when we can remove "get coats on" from the list!

  2. Me too...that's the worst...especially trying to fit those coats in the car seats!

  3. And the best part about coats and car seats is that the one day the government will pass some great laws requiring children to be in car seats until they can drive.

    Government officials...I love how they take care of us!

  4. Peggy- you are too cute- I never realized why it takes us so long to get out of the house- now I know!! Mel