Conversations with Kate

Kate: Mommy, why is Daddy going to seminary tonight?

Me: Because he loves Jesus and wants to learn more about Him

Kate: Mommy, I love Jesus too...that's why I'm going to Heaven one day

That conversation ended a lot sweeter than the following which had a just plain funny ending

Kate: Mommy, what's Hell?

Me: Hell is where God punishes sin forever and ever

Kate: Maybe we can go there one day

Me: No Kate, Mommy and Daddy will never have to go to Hell and I hope you won't either

Kate: Why does God punish sin?

Me: Because God is holy and perfect and hates sin

Kate: Oh

Me: Kate, everyone sins. Daddy and I do and you do too. We don't love people like we should and we don't always share with others. But remember your bible verse, "The Father has sent His Son to be the Savior"? God sent Jesus to be our Savior. Remember how we talked about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins? Jesus NEVER sinned and He was punished for OUR sins so that if we believe in Him and trust in Him, we will never be punished in Hell for our sins...we'll get to go to Heaven and be with Jesus forever! Isn't that great!

Kate: Well Mommy, my Crocs have dirt on them.

Glad we've got that straight!


  1. Hi Hutchinson House! I have linked your blog to mine, I hope that is OK :-)

  2. It's so great to read a blog about another Christian family! I have received similar responses to my explanations of Jesus. Oh, how precious a gift God gives when He gives a child!