Down With Charter Communications!

I know I'm not supposed to really "Hate", but I do Hate charter communications. Everytime I contact their support (which is too often), I'm on the line forever (or chat), and they must "access my account".

Charter representatives cannot tell me how much certain services cost without "accessing my account". I guess I'll be charged a "complaint fee". I'm considering downgrading to "basic cable", and I've been chatting with the charter support team for 10 minutes just to receive a simple quote.

The chat representative needed my address, phone, and last 4 digits of my social security number to receive a simple quote. I was then told it would take 2-3 minutes (after the previous 10 minutes) to get the quote.

I'm curious how a company run like this stays in business, and I quickly remember it is because the government is involved. We in Hoover have no options. Cable is regulated and restricted to charter alone in hoover alabama. I have never spoken to anyone with favorable things to say about the company, yet we're stuck. Someone in our city council is receiving a kick-back. This must be the case!

Charter raises my rates annually without providing any additional value (they actually took channels away this year). They increase their internet costs and I have no other options because bellsouth cannot get a strong enough signal to our neighborhood. I guess I should just be a good little American and quit complaining.

In a free country, I should have choices, but I have no other viable options, and I have no voice to make changes. I didn't intend to get into this during this post, but this is why I support Ron Paul for President. Everytime the government becomes involved in something, the cost goes up, the value decreases, and government officials become rich and more powerful. This is not a good combination.

It is indeed time for a revolution. I vote we start with taking down charter communications.

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  1. we are strongly against Charter too. I made $150 in credit on our account from them falling thru on things they said they would do. We switched to DirecTV and have had no problems or complaints thus far. Ditch your cable and go DirecTV. If you do, let me know cause they will give me a reward for talking you into it :)