Ron Paul, Fox News, ABC, Stop the madness!

For the first time in my life, I'm interested in politics. The message of Ron Paul deserves credit for this. I do not want to lift the man up too high for fear of him overshadowing our Saviour Jesus Christ, but I do enjoy hearing the refreshing political message Paul is broadcasting. I generally do not trust politicians and am not sure if Ron Paul is really different from the others, but at this point he's convinced me to give him a shot unlike Fox News and ABC.

These two channels have not invited Ron Paul to their debates, and I would like to see the other candidates refuse to participate in those debates if they truly believe openness and freedom are good things.

Granted, I do not truly expect anyone of the candidates to refuse an opportunity to squash another candidate due to censorship, but then again, if they did, I may actually give them another look.....on 2nd though...nah.

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