Charlotte's Pictures From the First Few Days

Here are a few pictures from Charlotte's first week. I'm planning to write up the story of her birth in the next few days so I will not forget anything.

This was about 30 mins before Charlotte was born. Rick was most proud that this was his 2nd "selfie." I was in severe pain at this point. They were monitoring Charlotte and I was waiting on the anesthesiologist to come and talk to me. My contractions were 2 minutes apart with almost no downtime in between. 

Right after Charlotte was born. She was 7 lbs and 15 oz which puts her as the 4th smallest baby. 

Kate and Claire are completely in love with her. 

First picture with her 5 big brothers. Can you even imagine? She is going to be one loved and protected little girl. They all ask to hold her multiple times a day (well, not Luke.) The boys only hold her for about 30 seconds and then they are off to something else.  :)  

 First picture of all 8 children. I cannot believe all of these sweet little ones are ours. 

Kate - 10, Claire - 9, Henry - 7, Jack - 5, Sims - 4, Miles - 2, Luke - 1, Charlotte - 1 week

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