Day 2 - Who Needs a Cell Phone

Rick and I don't carry cell phones (I know GASP!) But we just never have. We do have ONE but it normally sits on our kitchen counter and gets very little use. In fact, we don't even pay for it...we're on Rick's parents family plan.

Today I gathered all the kiddos up in the 30 degree weather to go to Target. Why?? I'm getting sick of toys so I wanted to go and get some big plastic boxes to put up some of our "baby" toys.

We start driving and before our car has time to warm up, and RIGHT before (about 50 feet away from) turning onto the interstate, my steering wheel locks up and my car shuts off.

Hmmm....it's FREEZING cold, my car is dead and I don't have a cell phone. I seriously thought about walking the 2 miles home but the road we were on was a busy road and honestly, I can't imagine walking that distance with a 4, 2 and 1 year old.

Thankfully, a very nice man stops and lets me use his cell phone. I call Rick at work, he's in a meeting and not at his desk. I suppose if we both had cell phones I could've "texted" him (even though I honestly don't know how to do that.) So I called my sister...who didn't answer her cell phone. My parents are out of town so now what do I do. I don't know anyone's number so I don't have anyone else to call. I guess if I had a cell phone I'd have some numbers in my phone right??

So I call Rick and Sarah back and tell them the situation and just ask them to come get me when they get the message. I thanked the nice man for the use of the phone and he goes on his way.

So we sit in the car and wait. (I should mention that the nice man pushed my van off of the road for me.) I tell everyone we need to pray that someone will come get us soon and that we won't be scared. Kate said we needed to pray that we would get warm. The girls are having a ball and start dancing in the car and singing. About 30 mins later, Rick and Sarah pull up AT THE SAME time to get me!

I was rescued! So as long as other people have cell phones, I'm still convinced that I don't need one. My dear friends, y'all keep your $90/month plans and just be sure to stop and help someone stuck on the side of the road! Who knows...it might be me!

The MYSTERY WORD of the day is: of
If you don't know what I'm talking about, see the post from Day 1.


  1. I was happy to come and rescue you! I'm just glad you weren't on the interstate! And I think that I know what the verse is....but I'll text you about it to see if I'm right;)


  2. I think the verse is "the Lord is good and His mercies endure forever.
    (p.s. Sorry I was out of town...well, not really!!)

  3. P.P.s. Where is "Happy and you know it"!!!!!