Day 18 - School and Opinions

Ok...I'm asking for comments on this one. Seriously...I really want them. If you have an opinion but don't want everyone else to know who you are...post anonymously. I want to know what you think about the poll and article below? What decision have you made in regards to schooling your children. If you haven't thought about it seriously, let me know that too. We've made our decision and maybe I'll share it later...I just want to see what y'all think without being swayed one way or another.
This poll was, why do you think most parents send their children to secular schools, not why are you sending your child to a secular school. Obviously there are other possible reasons for sending your children to a secular school than those listed below.

Why Christians Send Their Children to Humanist Schools
From One News Now.com poll.

Why most Christian parents send their children to secular public schools instead of opting for private or home schooling. . . (34,476 responses)

70.5% - It's easier and less expensive than private or home schooling.
3.9% - Public schools offer a higher-quality education for their children.
3.0% - We should support education that is funded by tax dollars.
6.3% - Public education typically offers more extra-curricular activities.
8.7% - Public schools poses no threat to their family values.

Such polls are not scientific -merely anecdotal, but in general, I don't think most parents are aware of the power of ideas and the influence of education on the minds and souls of children. They are simply blind to any potential threat to their children's safety - spiritually, physically, or emotionally. They are reasonable happy with a culture that produces nihilistic music forms. They see nothing wrong with existentialism in movies like No Country for Old Men. They could hardly be bothered by Katy Perry's #1 pop tune that keeps running through the minds of their 14 year old daughters. They wouldn't recognize a Christian view of chemistry if it struck them in the back of the head with a lead pipe. They would see no need for the fear of God in a history class, because they haven't seen it in worship for 120 years.
Basically, the average parent today thinks this world is doing A-OK. They don't see that this particularly society is in all-out spiritual apostasy, moral free-fall, economic crisis, and political chaos - in the process of committing cultural suicide. Maybe they don't want to see it. Maybe they like it.
This is the point at which I part ways with the majority. The average citizen (Christian, secularist, American, whatever) sees this culture as having taken a few nicks on the bumper. I see a cultural train wreck, an automobile smashed beyond recognition - the steering wheel is in the trunk.
Since our diagnoses are very different, of course the approach we take to fix the problems will be different as well.
I say, radical problems call for radical solutions.


  1. Wow - great topic! I really want to homeschool but my daughter is more interested in "going" to school. My husband and I decided to let her try it and I can continue "quietly" homeschooling. She's currently registered in a public school near us because we didn't have the funds for the Christian school in our town. We're trusting God to direct our steps in this as we'd much prefer her to be in a Christian environment. Kids are like little sponges and we really need to be aware of what they absorb from their environment. We're praying about the situation and believe this is what God wants us to do right now - maybe He has a job for our daughter at the elementary school ;) Anyway, I agree with the article, our society is a MESS! One thing we've kept in mind is the fact that I had Christian schooling for my whole childhood and I still picked up unacceptable ideas and bad habits from kids AND teachers! It's everywhere and as parents we must be vigilant. I like to remind myself that we are bringing our children up in the Lord and they will not turn from it. I also remember Isaiah 54:13, "And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children."
    Yes, I'm passionate about this subject!

  2. We've put our kids on a waiting list for a private, classical school run from our church. I pray that the Lord will give us the resources to be able to fulfill the commitment of raising our children this way.

  3. We don't know what we are doing yet, but right now we're thinking I'll end up homeschooling for a few years and then doing private school. But "the heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps...".

  4. I went to Christian schools until 9th grade, when I switched to the public high school. I do not feel like the Christian schools I attended were any "better" than the public high school. A child can be exposed to any of the things in that article in everyday life - playing sports, dance, kids in the neighborhood, etc. We plan to send our kids to a Christian school/day care for Tyler's K5/ Madison's K4 then to the local elementary school Tyler's 1st grade/Madison's K5. I think Homeschooling can be good as long as there are plenty of opportunities for socializing with other kids. Gosh, I could write so much about this!

  5. I went to public school in Brookhaven, MS for 1st-3rd grades. That was back in the day when the schools still allowed God to be a part of the curriculum and the teachers weren't afraid to talk about Him. From 4th-6th grade I went to public school in Miami,FL. The teachers couldn't talk about the Lord, but some of them still did. I loved my time there until the teachers went on strike when I was in 6th grade. They came back as mean as snakes and we bore the brunt of it. My parents sent me to a private Christian school from the 7th-12th grades. It was one of the most traumatic times I've ever experienced. Kids can be so cruel, especially girls. If it wasn't for the Lord, my family, the church, the friends He provided, I wouldn't have made it. It was like one of the responders said about there not being alot of difference between Christian and public school.
    When it came to our 3 kids, we spent alot of time in prayer. We went to church with some folks at the time who said that sending your kids to public schools is throwing them to the wolves. Their children were being homeschooled and were some of the worst behaved children I'd ever been around. Someone who was at the same meeting where this woman spoke summed up the way we felt very well. She said,"The Lord has led some of us to send our kids to public schools, if that is the case, we better be sure that we are giving them and living a strong Biblical and moral foundation at home." We were able to address moral issues that came up with the faculty when one of our son's was in a gifted curriculum. We also prayed for Godly Christian teachers, and the Lord blessed us there as well. The important thing to remember is that the Lord doesn't work the same way in every one's life. If He leads you to homeschool, send your children to Christian or public school, that's great. Don't get caught up in the rubber stamp mode of truly Christian parents should do such and such with their kids. Sorry for the ramble but we faced this situation many years ago.

  6. This is a timely article for me, as we have just finished a class on "Culture and Kids" led by one of our pastors. I agree with some of what the author says, but cannot understand the implication that cultures in the past have been more sympathetic to the things of Christ, or that our modern culture is more evil than ones that existed in the past. Far from it.

    I also do not believe that one will shield their children from modern culture by putting them in a Christian school or home schooling them. Nor do I concur with a conclusion that our job as parents should be to isolate/prevent our kids from interaction with our culture, but instead to provide them with the foundation necessary to hopefully grow up and make wise choices in whichever situations God calls them into.

    That said, while culture has certainly entered into our schooling decisions, our largest reason for not using public school up till this point has been the quality (or rather, the lack thereof) of education available in many cases today in our government-run schools. We are somewhat appalled at what constitutes "education" nowadays by our own experiences, and as confirmed by countless family and friends who teach, work in, and attend said schools.

    Which is not to say I wouldn't ever conceive a situation where it made perfect sense to enroll our children in the public school. But so far, it has not been the right choice for our family. I do look forward to hearing about your own choice should you choose to share it!!

  7. my children go to a private Christian school and I could not be happier...Sure it cost alot, and sure, the children are going to be exposed to the "bad" things of the world but at least I am doing SOMETHING to help my children grow up in a Christian environment...I am so thankful my children can pray each morning, say the pledge to the Bible, learn a memory verse every week and have Christian teachers that love them and can talk about God in the classroom! (all this said, I do believe that it has to start in the home with Christian parents that lead an example for their children)