Day 14 - The love of a Mother

I only have 2 memories of my mom disappointing me when I was growing up. The first happened when I was about 8 years old. We were in the car and almost had a wreck. My dear sweet mother let out a terrible cuss word! I started to cry...I was horrified and disappointed. Of course now I'm not disappointed in my sweet mother but I sure was then! The other memory happened a few years later when I was 11. My dear sweet mother told me she was PREGNANT! I wasn't disappointed that I was getting a new brother or sister, I was excited about that. But by the age of 11, I knew how a person GOT pregnant so I was HORRIFIED and disappointed in HOW I was getting a new brother or sister. Again, today I'm not so horrified or disappointed.
Those are the only 2 times I remember being "let down." Every other memory is good and I knew my mother loved me. She disciplined me but above all, she loved me.
I was one of those kids that cried when I left for college and was never away from home for more than 2 weeks because I missed my mom. When I was home, I never really went out with my friends because I wanted to be home.

I loved my mom (I still do). However, I honestly had no idea how much she loved me until Kate was about 1 month old. I remember holding Kate one day when she was a newborn and thinking how much I loved her and how it actually hurt I loved her so much. It's a feeling you can't explain to someone. I wondered if my mom had felt this way about me and when that feeling wanes....so I asked her. I said, "Mom, do you love me like I love Kate." She said, "No...I love you more than that."

As children, we never understand the love our parents have for us. As parents, we can never explain to our children how we love them.

So go kiss your babies AND your mom.

I love you mom


  1. mom cried when she read that. go figure. haha :)