Day 5 - My Favorite Questions

I try to take the children out each day. Every time we are out, strangers will ask me questions or make comments. I honestly don't mind this (because what else would I blog about today) but I wanted to fill you all in on the top 3 questions just in case any of you would like to know the answers.

Number 3

Question: "Are those kids all yours?" or asked in the way I prefer, "Who's kids are those?"

Answer: Yep...these are my children! (Well, I think they are...I've been asked this so many times that I'm starting to have my doubts)

Number 2

After answering in the affirmative to question #3, I ALWAYS am asked...
Question: "How old are you?" - Yes strangers actually ask this...

Answer: I'm 29..I'll be 30 on May 1st. (Maybe one of them will buy me a gift)

Number 1 - This one is my favorite because I honestly just don't get it. This is by far the most popular question.
Question: "Are they twins?" (Kate and Claire)

Answer: Nope..they're 16 months apart

Hopefully you've learned a little something about me and the kids today! I'll leave you with a picture of our "twins" and the MYSTERY WORD of the DAY: my


  1. I am so surprised people are shocked to see a family with 3 kids. It's not like y'all are the Duggars and have 18! And K & C don't look like twins. People are so strange! I had someone at a grocery store recently ask me if A & LK were twins and i had to stop myself from saying "are you serious?". I really think people use drugs more than we think.

  2. I think 3 children in one family scare the most adults. It's like they're questioning your sanity because you're beyond 1-on-1 coverage.
    People are so rude nowadays...

  3. Hey Peggy,

    People used to aks my mom that about Allison and me all the time! We are 16 months apart and looked nothing a like. Crazy! :)

    Love, Ellen

  4. Hi Peggy!

    I love this blogging every day thing. And you're doing a great job!

    People have ALWAYS asked me if my two oldest are twins. They are 18 months apart. Even when they were 6 months old and 2 years old! Are you kidding me?!!! Did they think one just had an extreme growth spurt or something?!! I agree with an earlier commenter...People must be using some serious drugs. :)