Day 16 - My ABC Bible Verses

This is a great book if you have young children. It's called, My ABC Bible Verses, and it's by Susan Hunt. There is a bible verse for each letter of the Alphabet and then a story to read to help children understand the meaning of the verse. The same characters are in every story so you really get to know them.
We've been using it this year and our children love it. We're on letter "Q" this week. Both girls know all the verses A - Q. It's so important to teach your children to hide God's word in their hearts and it's never too early to start. Claire is only 2 and does great with it.
One of the reasons I love this book is that it's so easy to practice. We'll be playing or riding in the car and I'll just say, "What's the "H" bible verse"? Also, not only do I use them in training my children, I often find myself meditating on the verses for instruction, comfort, etc.
This really is a great book and I would encourage you to get it and just focus on one verse per week.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this book. I am always looking for good books to give to all my little "God-kids". I will keep this is mind for birthdays.
    thanks so much!!

  2. Great idea! I use the Dana Dirksen CD "Songs for Saplings" for the same purpose.