Day 21 - A Letter to Claire

My dearest Claire,

You are now 1 month away from your third birthday! I can't believe how fast time is moving or how big you are now. You have always been a joy and a treasure to me and my joy is ever increasing. The Lord has given you a special place in our family. You are the only child that has an older sibling and a younger one. He has gifted you especially for your role. I can already see that you are more patient. I guess you have to be with all you have around you. I am the oldest in my family so I am not gifted in the same ways you are and so it's neat for me to see how the Lord works in your life. You are perfect for your place.
I wanted you to know that there are some wonderful teenagers in our church who play with you each Sunday. You LOVE to see them and ask about them during the week. These friends are more than generous in the time they spend with you. They play with you (chase you around church), give you gum and treats, and sometimes you even sit with them during Sunday night worship. You are truly blessed to have such wonderful, older people in your life. It makes me so happy to see you playing with them and to see them take such good care of you. I want you to remember the love you have been shown. When you are older, look out for younger children to love and spend time with. You will be a blessing to them. It will teach you to love others, and how to be patient (plus you will be doing a service to their mother.) I hope you will always remember the kindness you have been shown and thank the Lord for the gift of the body of Christ.

I love you...I love you -

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