Day 15 - My babysitter

I left the kids playing in our den while I went to check my email. I know...shameful!
Here's the conversation:

Me: I'm going to check my email, I'll be right back
Kate: OK Mommy, I'll watch these kids for you
Me: Thanks Kate

(I leave the room, hear screaming, and then hear Kate's footsteps running to me)

Kate: Uh...Mommy...you may want to come back in here...we have a problem

(I hurry back in the room and Claire and Henry are happily playing)

Kate: Mommy...I only had one rule...that they pay attention to me...and when I told it to them...they just started screaming


  1. Sadly, I too check my email sometimes w/ the kids are playing the other room. :) So far, no calamities!